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sis­ter, 45- ish, re­cently in­car­cer­ated for burn­ing down a trailer park in her at­tempt to re­tal­i­ate against 16 ½ year fi­ancé Wi­ley run­ning off with an­other woman.

Frankie Futrelle Dub­berly – youngest Futrelle sis­ter, 40- ish, nine months preg­nant with sec­ond set of twins ( 20 years af­ter the first set).

Rhonda Lynn Lam­p­ley – over 50, heart of gold man­ager of the Dairy Dog with a big se­cret of her own.

Patsy Price – over 40, lo­cal so­ci­ety ma­tron, mother- in- law of Tina Jo Dub­berly, nasty, vin­dic­tive and wants noth­ing to do with the Futrelle clan.

Dub Dub­berly – Frankie’s hus­band, mid- 40’s, part- time Santa at the Su­per SmartMart, suf­fer­ing from try­ing to pass a kid­ney stone.

Justin Waverly – twen­ties, in­terim pas­tor at the Taber­na­cle of the Lamb, in love with G. J. but can’t get up the nerve to pop the ques­tion; works sea­son­ally at the Su­per SmartMart as a rein­deer photo as­sis­tant.

Rayn­erd Chisum – over 20, part- time em­ployee at the Dairy Dog, a lit­tle off kil­ter— or maybe smarter than and cer­tainly more loyal than any­one else in Fayro.

John Cur­tis Bunt­ner -- deputy sher­iff of Fayro, age above 30, who wants to keep the peace in his town.

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