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gods. The Ro­man em­pire had Cae­sar but they also wor­shiped a va­ri­ety of an­i­mals and gods. The Greeks were philoso­phers that liked to de­bate life and the af­ter­life, but they also had a long list of items to wor­ship. They were in­tel­lec­tu­als, who asked many good ques­tions, but could never agree on any an­swers. Athe­ists like Hitler and Stalin tried to drive peo­ple to fol­low them, but it was soon ev­i­dent that they just wanted power and con­trol. Men like Confucius and Bud­dha looked for peace. But though their ideas were good, it was just a good list of things to do. In the United States, many men have started groups and led fol­low­ers on a path to heaven. None have worked.

What is dif­fer­ent about Je­sus, and the God of the Bi­ble? Two things are dif­fer­ent. First, Je­sus does not ask you to work your way to heaven. All the other be­lief sys­tems ex­pect you to do the work to please their god. Je­sus did all the work for you when He died on the cross for you!

But the sec­ond part is even bet­ter. The Bi­ble says that, “God Loves You!” No other group or leader does that. Imag­ine that, God cares about you. His love is not based on how good you are. It is be­cause of His love. The world bases their love for peo­ple and things on their per­for­mance. God loves you ei­ther way. In fact, He knows that you will be bad, and He still loves you. In the Bi­ble, that is called Grace.

I can­not ex­plain grace, but you can find out for your­self if it is true. You must be will­ing to ac­cept it as a free gift. Check it out to­day.

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