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I knew that some­day I would ad­dress this is­sue based on a scene placed in my mind since my young days of view­ing the Satur­dayCow­boy movies at the GEM The­atre.

It wasn’t only those b- west­erns show­ing the trav­el­ing sales­man with great of­fers of health and other great ben­e­fits in life. Far re­moved from the cure of phys­i­cal ail­ments but us­ing the same meth­ods as the cure- all tonic pro­mot­ers, we can re­mem­ber Robert Pre­ston as Harold Hill in the movie “The Mu­sic Man.” Con­fi­dence- man Hill ar­rives at dull River City in­tend­ing to cheat the com­mu­nity with his stan­dard scam of of­fer­ing to equip and train a boy’s march­ing band, then skip town with the money since he has no mu­si­cal skill any­way. Fast talk­ing and wild claims were the stock- in­trade of pro­mot­ers of cure- alls and other schemes. In­ci­den­tally, there is a good end­ing to the “Mu­sic Man” movie.

Two drops, 45 sec­onds. Zero pain. “Imag­ine ap­ply­ing just two drops of a mys­te­ri­ous tonic to wher­ever you are hurt­ing… and sud­denly… lit­er­ally within 45 sec­onds… you are able to climb stairs eas­ily… bend over to pet the dog…get up from the lawn chair…and en­joy a good night’s sleep with­out al­most ANY pain. It works in sec­onds…and has no side ef­fects. By far the best pain re­lief on the planet,” says re­tiree ( Jane Doe), from Buf­falo, N. Y. Then the ad ends with these en­tic­ing words: “For a life free of pain, click here now.”

I hes­i­tate to list more de­tails. This is such a magic tonic I might launch out in pur­suit of help­ing all ail­ing peo­ple and get­ting rich ( Just kid­ding).

Any­way, can’t we un­der­stand how the ped­dler of magic cures in the old Wild West made a liv­ing? There is still the al­lure to find the cure for what­ever af­flicts us. Pain and sick­ness is real. We search for answers.

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