Why land­lords need good tenants

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the houses cash flow, they are your as­set, rather than the house it­self. That idea came into fo­cus for me when we re­ceived a call re­cently from some­one view­ing a rental we have on mar­ket.

The caller in­formed us that some­one had spray- painted graf­fiti on the house’s pri­vacy fence. We went over there to in­spect, and sure enough, some­one had scrawled a slur in big black let­ters on our fence the night be­fore.

I thought to my­self, “Re­ally? Who does some­thing like that in Cal­houn?” Let me qual­ify that.

When I think of graf­fiti, my mind grav­i­tates to the ur­ban ar­eas of At­lanta and Chattanooga. (Which by the way, the peo­ple do those mu­rals are some the most gifted artists I have ever seen. How they get a spray can to make those pictures — all while hang­ing up­side down and off the side of an overpass — is beyond me. I mean, that’s some David Cop­per­field/ Chriss An­gel type of stuff.)

But we’re not in that kind of area. This house was three doors down from a mid­dle school in North­west Ge­or­gia. This wasn’t a street artist, it was a van­dal. And de­face­ment of pri­vate prop­erty like this just doesn’t hap­pen around us.

I couldn’t help but no­tice school had just got­ten out for the sum­mer break. My guess is some kid try­ing to im­press some­one else did his best Beavis and Butthead im­pres­sion and said, “Ah- huh- huh­huh, watch this.”

As a re­sult, we had to take a belt sander to our fence to make the let­ters go away.

I have writ­ten to you be­fore about the four jobs of a ten­ant, which are:

No. 1. Take care of, main­tain and im­prove the prop­erty. No. 2. Pay on time. ( No­tice that tak­ing care of the prop­erty comes be­fore pay­ing on time.) No. 3. Be a good neigh­bor. No. 4. Be com­fort­able to work with by be­ing re­spect­ful and keep­ing in good com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

The whole rea­son this hap­pened was be­cause we didn’t have a ten­ant in the house do­ing the No. 1 most im­por­tant job of a ten­ant — tak­ing care of the house. Care­tak­ing also means pro­tect­ing it from spray cans held by pubescent kids try­ing to im­press oth­ers.

Our pre­vi­ous tenants left last month be­cause they got a job trans­fer and had to move to the other side of the coun­try. When they va­cated, they gave a good no­tice, paid to get out of the lease and left the house im­mac­u­late.

The rea­son this house is still va­cant is be­cause we’re very choosy with who we hire to take care of our houses. We are get­ting a ton of ap­pli­ca­tions that are just not very good ones. Need­less to say, be­cause we didn’t have a ten­ant pro­tect­ing the house, it was left vul­ner­a­ble, and the rest is his­tory. And be­sides their abil­ity to pay for the house, this is the rea­son a land­lord needs a good ten­ant.

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