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Wall Draw­ing #1103

Per­haps the most fa­mous artist in the Con­ven­tion Cen­ter col­lec­tion, Sol Le­Witt died only a few years af­ter Wall Draw­ing #1103 (2003) was com­pleted. The artist never touched the piece. A pioneer of con­cep­tual art, Le­Witt was known for mak­ing in­struc­tions for pieces that would then be ex­e­cuted by oth­ers; his con­tri­bu­tion, his art­work, in ef­fect, is the out­line. Ten Wash­ing­ton artists ful­filled his wishes for the col­or­ful in­stal­la­tion. The work’s full ti­tle is Wall Draw­ing #1103. Color ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal bro­ken bands—which gave the artists putting it to­gether some lee­way. How­ever, more of­ten than not, Le­Witt’s in­struc­tions were quite spe­cific. For an­other wall draw­ing at the Na­tional Gallery of Art (one of four in the DC area), the artist’s 1971 ti­tle spells ev­ery­thing out: Wall Draw­ing #65. Lines not short, not straight, cross­ing and touch­ing, drawn at ran­dom, us­ing four col­ors, uni­formly dis­persed with max­i­mum den­sity, cover­ing the en­tire sur­face of the wall. Lo­cated on the Street Level on the L Street side of the build­ing.

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