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CardMaker - - Tips & Techniques - By K im­ber McGray

Of­ten we pur­chase tools, use them a few times, and then they get put on a shelf and for­got­ten about. One of those tools in my craft room is my pa­per crimper. It seems like I for­get about it, and then when I find it again, it is like I have a new tool to play with. Just re­cently I came across mine and started play­ing with it to add tex­ture and in­ter­est to some fab­u­lous fall-themed cards.

First, what is a pa­per crimper? A pa­per crimper is a tool that has two tex­tured rollers and a lever that is squeezed to hold the pa­per, as well as a knob or crank on the side. There are a cou­ple dif­fer­ent brands of pa­per crimpers. I have both Fiskars and Marvy Uchida pa­per crimpers. They are very sim­i­lar and work pri­mar­ily the same way.

To use the crimper, start by in­sert­ing the pa­per into the edge of the rollers just enough so the pa­per is grabbed and held in place. When you squeeze the lever, the rollers close and en­gage the start of the crimp­ing process. Next, while still squeez­ing the pres­sure lever, you turn the crank on the side to ad­vance the pa­per through the tex­ture rollers, thus crimp­ing the pa­per. Con­tinue un­til the en­tire piece of pa­per has been tex­tur­ized. The tra­di­tional pa­per crimper will cre­ate a cor­ru­gated card­board look. Dif­fer­ent brands of crimpers will work slightly dif­fer­ently. Re­fer to the in­struc­tions that come with your tool or visit the man­u­fac­turer’s web­site. Over­all, the pa­per crimper is a fairly easy tool to use. The big­gest ob­sta­cle for most is mak­ing

sure the pa­per is in­serted straight in the be­gin­ning. I have found that if you squeeze the pres­sure lever just a lit­tle bit, to al­most en­gage the rollers be­fore you place the pa­per into the open­ing, it helps. Once you have the pa­per against the rollers, squeeze the lever the rest of the way to grab the pa­per. Another tip is to place your pa­per against one of the sides of the open­ing, ver­sus plac­ing it free float­ing in the mid­dle of the open­ing. The side will help guide the pa­per in straight. This works best if the pa­per is a larger piece or has a straight edge. If you try this tech­nique, you will need to trim the edge of the pa­per that was against the side of the tool due to the fact that that part of the pa­per will not be tex­tur­ized.

If all else fails, em­brace the slightly crooked lines. The cor­ru­gated tex­ture that the pa­per crimper cre­ates can work whether the lines are straight or on an an­gle. You can also use those “mis­takes” with your dies and punches to cre­ate cus­tom em­bel­lish­ments that can be added to your cards or scrapbook pages. Some­thing to keep in mind: Crimp the pa­per be­fore you punch or die-cut the shapes. If you run a pre­cut shape through the crimper, the shape will be dis­torted.

Now that you have a few tips on how to use your pa­per crimper, what can you do with the tex­tur­ized pa­per pieces? Add strips of crimped pa­per to any card for tex­ture and in­ter­est. It can be used as a large back­ground piece or in place of rib­bon. Con­sider us­ing the pieces as the base of a cup­cake for the wrap­per or to re-cre­ate the look of

gal­va­nized roof­ing

for the top of a house on a “new home” card.

Dig out that pa­per crimper that you bought when you first started craft­ing, brush off the dust, and have some fun with it. You may also want to check out the dif­fer­ent pa­per crimpers that are on the mar­ket now. I have dis­cov­ered that you can cre­ate more than just the tra­di­tional cor­ru­gated card­board look. Marvy Uchida has pa­per crimpers that cre­ate cir­cles, waves and diamond pat­terns. I chal­lenge you to use your pa­per crimper on your next papercrafting pro­ject!

1. Form a 51/2 x 41/4-inch card from kraft card­stock.

2. Cut a 51/4 x 4-inch piece from pat­terned pa­per; ad­here to card front.

3. Re­fer­ring to photo, use hole punch to cre­ate a half-cir­cle notch in top and bot­tom edges of die-cut card. Wrap twine around die cut, po­si­tioned within notches. Tie a bow; at­tach to card front us­ing foam squares.

4. Cut a 5 x 6-inch piece from white card­stock; crimp us­ing pa­per crimper.

5. Punch four flow­ers from crimped pa­per; layer to­gether and at­tach to card front as shown, us­ing foam squares be­neath each layer.

6. At­tach sen­ti­ment sticker to card front. Em­bel­lish card front us­ing pearls as shown. •

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