Card-Mak­ing Tech­niques: Foil Ap­pli­ca­tions

CardMaker - - Contents - By Sara Nau­mann

Give your hand­made cards the look of ex­pen­sive sta­tionery with metal­lic foil­ing.

Love the look of fab­u­lous foiled ac­cents? Good news! Rich, gor­geous metal­lic foil­ing is no longer re­served for ex­pen­sive sta­tionery—you can achieve the same ef­fect in your own craft room!

The process is easy. You’ll sim­ply com­bine a foil sheet with spe­cial foil ad­he­sive, ap­ply pres­sure, and then lift off the sheet. The metal­lic color trans­fers from the foil onto the ad­he­sive.

You can use a foam ad­he­sive, a heat-ac­ti­vated ad­he­sive or a liq­uid ad­he­sive. All three are easy to use, and choos­ing one is just a mat­ter of your de­sign.

For these projects, I’m us­ing the iCraft® Deco Foil™ stash from Therm O Web. De­signed to work to­gether, they make it easy to cre­ate beau­ti­ful foiled ef­fects. Best of all, the foil and the ad­he­sive will go a long way and every bit can be put to use. It’s a great way to add metal­lic sheen to your cards quickly and eas­ily!

Tech­nique #1: Foil­ing Die-Cut Shapes

Add in­stant shine and di­men­sion with this easy tech­nique.

This tech­nique works best with sil­hou­ette shapes and dies that don’t have a lot of de­tail or in­tri­cate ar­eas.

Foam Ad­he­sive

For die-cut or punched shapes, the foam ad­he­sive is a good choice. It’s also the eas­i­est to use! This is a dou­ble-sided trans­fer ad­he­sive; it’s much like foam tape, but thin­ner.

Sim­ply make your shape by punch­ing or die-cut­ting the foam ad­he­sive. The foam works in most die-cut­ting machines; I used my Sizzix Big Shot and had no prob­lem. My stan­dard punches went through eas­ily too.

Re­move the liner from the cut piece (Photo 1).

Place the foil on top of the ad­he­sive and ap­ply pres­sure. For a smooth ef­fect, rub with a soft cloth. For a more distressed look, use a bone folder as I’ve done here (Photo 2).

Peel away the foil, and your shape will be cov­ered with gor­geous shiny color (Photo 3).

The slight thick­ness of the ad­he­sive is an added ben­e­fit; it gives the shape sub­stance and di­men­sion.

You might won­der, “Could I use reg­u­lar foam tape?” I gave it a try and found the foil didn’t stay on quite as well (Photo 4).





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