Sil­ver Vel­lum Poin­set­tia

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1. Form a 7 x 5-inch card from white card­stock.

2. Cut a 63/4 x 43/4-inch panel from sil­ver card­stock. To cre­ate a frame, cut a 61/8 x 31/2-inch rec­tan­gle in cen­ter of panel us­ing craft knife.

3. Cut a 61/2 x 41/2-inch panel from black card­stock. Cut a 53/4 x 31/4-inch rec­tan­gle in cen­ter of panel us­ing craft knife.

4. Align both frames on card front and mark place­ment of sen­ti­ment with pen­cil. Stamp sen­ti­ment on card front;

sprin­kle on em­boss­ing pow­der and heat-set. Em­boss card front with em­boss­ing folder.

5. Stamp all lay­ers of poin­set­tia onto vel­lum; sprin­kle on em­boss­ing pow­der and heat-set. Stamp largest layer on black card­stock; sprin­kle on em­boss­ing pow­der and heat-set.

6. Die-cut stamped poin­set­tias. Die-cut Splen­did Swirls from sil­ver card­stock.

7. Stamp poin­set­tia re­peat­edly onto sil­ver frame; sprin­kle on em­boss­ing pow­der and heat-set.

8. Ad­here black frame to card with foam tape. Ad­here sil­ver frame with dou­ble-sided tape.

9. Use fingers to pinch each layer of vel­lum and black poin­set­tia petals in half for di­men­sion; use cau­tion not to crack vel­lum. Layer and glue poin­set­tia petals to­gether, be­gin­ning with large black layer. Glue gem in cen­ter of poin­set­tia.

10. Ad­here swirl die cuts and poin­set­tia to card. Glue gems in cor­ners of card.

Dec­o­rate in­side of card as de­sired.

1. Cut a 3 x 3-inch square from me­dia board.

2. Place quilt sten­cil on square and use blend­ing tool and blue ink to ap­ply pat­tern to square.

3. Turn sten­cil clock­wise 90 de­grees and line up sten­cil. Re­peat step 2 to cre­ate a tiny plaid pat­tern in squares.

4. Ap­ply brass paint to edges of square; let dry.

5. Use wa­ter­proof pen to add faux stitched de­tails be­tween squares as shown.

6. Use blend­ing tool and black ink to sten­cil “TO:” and “FROM:” at bot­tom of square.

7. Cut a 6-inch length of trim­ming and glue ends to back of square to cre­ate a hanger.

8. Cre­ate a cus­tom em­boss­ing pow­der by com­bin­ing the fol­low­ing pow­ders to­gether: one scoop red, one scoop or­ange, two scoops crys­tal and half scoop gray.

9. Ink mat board heart red; sprin­kle with cus­tom mixed em­boss­ing pow­der and heat-set.

10. Ink holly stamp with black ink and press co­or­di­nat­ing holly leaves mat board piece onto inked stamp and dry.

11. Reink stamp black, press holly ber­ries mat board piece onto ber­ries por­tion of inked stamp and dry.

12. Ap­ply fern green ink to holly leaves and red ink to ber­ries. Dry.

13. Stamp text back­ground stamp onto holly leaf piece with gray ink.

14. Ad­here holly leaves and berry pieces to up­per left cor­ner of square with foam tape.

15. Use pen to draw a line from top of square for heart; glue heart in place. •

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