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Project note: If fin­ger­tips are ten­der, use a thim­ble when pin­ning prairie points in place.

1. In­sert wooden dowel 1 inch into 2½inch foam ball; se­cure with craft glue.

2. Use plas­tic knife to spread spack­ling paste over en­tire ball; stand ball in cup to dry.

3. Once dry, paint 2½-inch ball and wooden but­ton. Let dry.

4. Cut one sheet of scrap­book pa­per into 1 x 2-inch strips. Note: Use acrylic ruler, cut­ting mat and ro­tary cut­ter to make the cut­ting process eas­ier. Use a pen­cil to mark cen­ter on both long edges of each strip (Photo 1). 5. Fold sides into cen­ter meet­ing at marked point; bur­nish fold lines with ruler or bone folder (Photo 2). This will cre­ate one pa­per prairie point. Re­peat with each strip. 6. Place four pa­per prairie points at cen­ter bot­tom of 5-inch foam ball with points meet­ing at cen­ter; pin in place with one pin at cen­ter of each point and two pins at out­side points (Photo 3).

7. Re­peat step 6 to cre­ate sec­ond row but only pin out­side points al­low­ing cen­ter points to be loose (Photo 4). The sec­ond row will be off­set from first row and will line up with spa­ces be­tween first row.

8. In the same man­ner, add a third row align­ing row with first row (Photo 5). 9. In the same man­ner, con­tinue adding rows 3⁄8 inch apart, work­ing to­ward top of ball evenly. Com­plete rows one at a time and as evenly as

Sty­ro­foam™ Brand Foam balls: 1 (5-inch), 1 (21/2-inch) 2 (12 x 12-inch) sheets red scrap­book pa­per Felt: 2 x 2-inch tan, 4 x 4-inch black Ber­nat Sof­tee Chunky white yarn 2 pack­ages 7/8-inch sil­ver flat-head pins 4-inch-long 1/8-inch wooden dowel 1-inch white pom­pom But­tons: 3 (1-inch) sil­ver snowflake, 1 (3/4-inch) sil­ver snowflake, 1 (1/2-inch) wooden, 2 (1/2-inch) black flat plas­tic with 2 sewing holes De­coArt peach acrylic paint DAP All-Pur­pose Spack­ling Paste 1/2-inch bris­tle paint­brush Pow­der blush with brush Plas­tic knife Pa­per plate Plas­tic cup Ob­ject such as a bot­tle or jar with a 6-inch di­am­e­ter Ruler or bone folder Cut­ting mat Ro­tary cut­ter Acrylic ruler Thim­ble (op­tional) Craft glue Hot-glue gun

pos­si­ble. Cre­ate more pa­per prairie points as needed. Leave last 1–11/2 inches at top of ball un­cov­ered.

10. Hot-glue a 1-inch snowflake but­ton to cen­ter bot­tom of ball, hid­ing cen­ter points and al­low­ing Santa to stand.

11. Hot-glue black but­tons to Santa’s face for eyes.

12. Use pro­vided pat­tern on page 112 to cut two eye­lids from tan felt; hot-glue eye­lids slightly over eyes. Hot­glue wooden but­ton in place for nose. Brush pow­der blush onto cheeks.

13. Cut 120 inches of white yarn; wrap yarn around flat­tened hand. Care­fully re­move yarn from hand and thread a 6-inch length of yarn through top of yarn loop; tie yarn in a knot. Cut op­po­site end of loop to cre­ate Santa’s beard. Hot-glue cen­ter of beard to Santa’s face as shown.

14. In­sert other end of dowel into cen­ter top of 5-inch ball and se­cure with craft glue. This is the neck and should be tight so head is se­cure.

15. Cut a 1 x 12-inch strip of scrap­book pa­per. Ac­cor­dion-fold en­tire length of strip. Hot-glue folded strip around neck of Santa to hide ex­posed foam ball. Strip should still ap­pear pleated.

16. Cut two 31/2 x 4inch pieces of scrap­book pa­per. Fold one piece in half length­wise to cre­ate a 31/2 x 2-inch piece. Fold in half again for a 31/2 x 1-inch piece. Re­peat with sec­ond piece. These will be the sleeves.

17. Us­ing pro­vided pat­tern on page 112, cut four gloves from black felt. Hot-glue two gloves to­gether align­ing edges; in­sert into end of sleeve and hot-glue in place. Hot-glue sleeve closed. Re­peat for other sleeve and hand.

18. Hot-glue sleeves in place on top of col­lar as shown.

19. Cut 120 inches of white yarn. In the same man­ner as in step 13, wrap yarn around an ob­ject with an ap­prox­i­mate 6-inch di­am­e­ter. Slide yarn loop off ob­ject; wrap a 6-inch length of yarn around cen­ter of loop and knot to cre­ate Santa’s hair. Hot-glue hair cen­tered on top of Santa’s head. Trim as de­sired.

20. Cut a 4 x 4-inch piece of scrap­book pa­per. Roll square into a cone shape and se­cure with hot glue. Place cone on Santa’s head and se­cure with hot glue; fold point of hat over and hot­glue. Hot-glue pom­pom to point of hat.

21. Hot-glue re­main­ing snowflake but­tons to Santa. •

1. Die-cut treat holder from red card­stock; as­sem­ble us­ing bone folder to help bur­nish fold lines. Thread gold cord through holes and tie closed.

2. Re­fer­ring to photo, die-cut Santa parts from white, red glit­ter and black card­stock. Cut a piece of peach card­stock to fit be­hind beard and hat trim as face.

3. As­sem­ble and ad­here Santa pieces to­gether. Stamp eyes and mouth onto Santa with black ink.

Ad­here Santa and his feet to front of treat holder. 5. Die-cut flag from white card­stock; stamp sen­ti­ment on flag with red ink. Fold flag around one end of tooth­pick and se­cure with ad­he­sive.

6. Wrap Santa’s mit­ten around op­po­site end of tooth­pick and se­cure with ad­he­sive. Ad­here to treat holder with a foam square as shown.

7. Use glit­ter glue to add a small nose to Santa’s face; let dry. •

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