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• Al­ways use dis­pos­able gloves to pro­tect Yupo from skin oils.

• 91% iso­propyl al­co­hol be­haves like Ranger ABS.

• Use a gen­tle, cir­cu­lar mo­tion when us­ing foam ink ap­pli­ca­tors.

• Pro­tect lay­ers and/or fin­ished projects with spray fix­a­tive (re­quired for most me­dia).

• For a smaller “drop­per,” snip cot­ton­tip swab in half on an an­gle. Ink eas­ily trans­fers to its hol­low shaft and re­leases a much smaller ink droplet. Copic re­fill nee­dles can also be used.

Stick­ers make ex­cel­lent masks.

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