Sim­ply Stitched Al­pha­bet

Let­ter­ing and pro­ject by Nancy Burke

CardMaker - - Hand Lettering For Cards -

Draw your guide­lines where you would like the top and bot­tom of each let­ter to be. Be sure to leave ad­e­quate space at the be­gin­ning and end of your sen­ti­ment or ti­tle, as well as above and be­low each guide­line.

1. Us­ing a pen­cil, lightly draw ba­sic let­ters a bit smaller than you would like your fin­ished let­ters to ap­pear. It is im­por­tant to do this as lightly as pos­si­ble, be­cause these orig­i­nal let­ters will be erased later.

2. With a pen­cil, lightly out­line each let­ter evenly on all sides, top and bot­tom.

3. Trace over out­line with a pen or marker, and erase orig­i­nal let­ter lines.

4. Us­ing a fine-point pen, add “stitch­ing” by draw­ing short, evenly spaced dashed lines just in­side let­ter out­line. Re­fer­ring to full al­pha­bet or as de­sired, use reg­u­lar or water­color pen­cils to shade in­side of each let­ter. ●

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