Bet­ter With You

CardMaker - - Clean & Simple Cards - De­sign by Jeanne Streif f

1. Form a 41/4 x 51/2-inch card from peach card­stock.

2. Cut a 4 x 51/4-inch piece of water­color pa­per. Brush clean wa­ter onto pa­per and add wa­ter­col­ors to cre­ate a back­ground; al­low col­ors to blend. Let dry.

3. Re­peat paint­ing process on a small scrap piece of water­color pa­per; let dry to be used later.

4. Stamp sen­ti­ment onto larger panel. Ad­here to card.

5. If de­sired, stamp por­tion of sen­ti­ment onto wa­ter­col­ored scrap from step 3. Punch a 1/2-inch cir­cle from scrap. Ap­ply a dot of glaze on top of cir­cle; press mini glass round into glaze and hold for a few sec­onds. Let dry. Use glaze to glue glass piece to tray. Let dry.

6. Slide bead onto head pin; use round-nose pli­ers to be­gin form­ing a loop above bead. Slide loop onto link and close to se­cure, cre­at­ing a charm; trim ex­cess wire with wire nip­pers.

7. Tie charm onto twine; wrap twine around card front and knot. Trim ex­cess twine.

8. Decorate in­side of card as de­sired.

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