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CardMaker - - Let's Color! - By Col leen Schaan

It’s only ap­pro­pri­ate that this is­sue’s col­or­ing col­umn is in­spired by au­tumn. Nat­u­ral ag­ing ef­fects, rus­tic tex­tures and col­or­ful leaves are the in­flu­ences for the fol­low­ing tech­niques us­ing chalk paints and pastes.


White card­stock 2 con­trast­ing col­ors of chalk paint (dark and light) Neu­tral wax Paint­brush 150-grit sand­pa­per Lint-free cloth

Painted Pa­per—Clas­sic Vin­tage

Lay­ered and dis­tressed paints cre­ate a nat­u­ral ag­ing ef­fect that adds charm and char­ac­ter to any project. Recre­ate the look on pa­per with this clas­sic vin­tage tech­nique us­ing chalk paints and neu­tral wax.

Step 1:

With a brush, ap­ply dark chalk paint to en­tire sur­face of card­stock. Let dry com­pletely (Photo 1).

Step 2:

With a stiff brush, ap­ply neu­tral wax ran­domly to painted card­stock (Photo 2). Re­move ex­cess wax with a clean cloth.

Step 3:

Us­ing a brush, ap­ply light chalk paint to en­tire sur­face. Do not worry about streak­i­ness or vis­i­ble brush­strokes (Photo 3). Let dry com­pletely.

Step 4:

Gen­tly sand en­tire painted sur­face. Paint ap­plied over waxed ar­eas will re­move eas­ily to cre­ate a dis­tressed look. Elim­i­nate dust with a clean cloth (Photo 4).


Sand paste Chalk paint Pal­ette knife Pal­ette or mix­ing tray Paint­brush Ad­di­tional col­ors of chalk paint (op­tional)

Painted Paste—Tinted Tex­ture

The rus­tic tex­tures of na­ture can be re­pro­duced by com­bin­ing pastes and paints. One of my fa­vorite medi­ums is sand paste. The light color al­lows great tint­ing with paints while the sand cre­ates de­light­ful tex­ture.

Step 1:

Place sand paste onto paint pal­ette or mix­ing tray.

Step 2:

Us­ing a 1:5 ra­tio of chalk paint to paste, add chalk paint to sand paste and mix thor­oughly. Use less paint for a lighter tint and more paint for a deeper shade (Photo 5).

Step 3:

Us­ing a brush or pal­ette knife, ap­ply col­ored sand paste to cho­sen sur­face. Cre­ate tex­ture as de­sired by smooth­ing or carv­ing into paste. Let dry com­pletely (Photo 6).

Step 4: (Op­tional)

If suit­able, add more vis­ual in­ter­est by dry brush­ing darker or lighter paint onto sur­face of col­ored sand paste (Photo 7).

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