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De­sign by Ch­eryl Hurt tgam for The Pa­per Hol low

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Dom­tar card­stock: white, olive green, brown, cran­berry Clar­i­tys­tamp Groovi parch­ment pa­per Waxed pa­per 4 Darice brass brads Clar­i­tys­tamp Groovi parch­ment em­boss­ing plates: Jayne’s Dahlias Name Plate (#GRO-FL-40390-03), Moun­tains & Hills (#GROLA-40007-03) Clar­i­tys­tamp Groovi em­boss­ing tools: 0.8mm, 2mm Clar­i­tys­tamp Groovi mat Clar­i­tys­tamp Groovi Plate Mate (op­tional) Punches: Darice (1/16-inch hole); Ai­dox (cor­ner rounder) ShurTech low-tack tape 3M ad­he­sive run­ner

1. Form a 5 x 7-inch card from white card­stock. Cut a 5 x 7-inch piece of olive green card­stock; ad­here to card front.

2. Cut a 41/2 x 61/2-inch piece of brown card­stock; punch up­per left and lower right cor­ners with cor­ner rounder. Ad­here to card.

3. Cut a 4 x 6-inch piece of cran­berry card­stock; round up­per right and lower left cor­ners. Set aside.

4. Place dahlias plate on work sur­face so grooves are fac­ing up. The word Groovi on top of plate will read cor­rectly. Place on a dark sur­face so white lines in grooves are vis­i­ble (Photo 1). Note: If de­sired, use Plate Mate to hold em­boss­ing plate in place. 5. Cut a 33/4 x 53/4-inch piece of parch­ment. Se­cure to plate with low-tack tape. 6. Rub parch­ment with waxed pa­per. This will help em­boss­ing tool glide smoothly. 7. Use 0.8mm sty­lus to trace all lines to com­plete flower (Photo 2). Re­move parch­ment from plate.

8. At­tach parch­ment to Moun­tains & Hills Plate,

po­si­tion­ing sun as de­sired. Note: Since you are work­ing from the back side of your de­sign, the sun will be on the op­po­site side when pa­per is turned over. Trace sun (Photo 3).

9. Move parch­ment so that one of the moun­tains is in the back­ground of the flower. Trace line, stop­ping at each side of stem so that it looks like flower is in front of moun­tain line (Photo 4). 10. Re­move parch­ment from plate; place on soft mat with work­ing side still up. 11. Us­ing 2mm sty­lus, gen­tly rub in­side of sun, turn­ing parch­ment white (Photo 5).

12. On each petal and leaf, gen­tly flick sty­lus from in­side of flower out, cre­at­ing “white­work” through­out flower. Flick lit­tle V’s into grass por­tion of scene free­hand (Photo 6).

13. Turn parch­ment over and lay on top of cran­berry layer. Punch a 1/16-inch hole through each cor­ner and in­sert brads. At­tach layer to card base with ad­he­sive run­ner. •

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