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En­ve­lope Punch Board

As crafters, we all love to shop for card­stock, pat­terned pa­pers, stick­ers and em­bel­lish­ments. The next items we tend to pur­chase are tools. Tools can be great ad­di­tions to our craft­ing sup­plies, but they are of­ten much costlier than pa­per and stick­ers. A good rule of thumb for jus­ti­fy­ing the pur­chase of a big­ger-ticket item is to de­ter­mine how of­ten or how many dif­fer­ent ways the tool can be used.

One in­no­va­tive and ver­sa­tile tool to hit the mar­ket in the last few years is the En­ve­lope Punch Board by We R Mem­ory Keep­ers. This tool was cre­ated to al­low crafters to make en­velopes of dif­fer­ent sizes. It’s very easy to use. The tool is a board with a two-sided punch lo­cated in the cen­ter top of the board. The side of the punch that faces the board cre­ates notches and the Re­verse Punch side that faces away from the board cre­ates rounded cor­ners. To the left of the punches there are mea­sure­ments and on the right, there is a scor­ing chan­nel that an­gles from the punch to the lower right cor­ner of the board. There is a scor­ing tool that comes with the board and it is stored within the board on the right edge. Smartly, in­struc­tions, di­men­sions and mea­sure­ments for all the dif­fer­ent en­ve­lope sizes are printed di­rectly on the board.

As stated ear­lier, the ba­sic use of the En­ve­lope Punch Board is to cre­ate en­velopes. You start by cut­ting a piece of pa­per to the size in­di­cated for the fin­ished card. Next, the cut pa­per is placed on the board and slid up so it is in­serted into the punch and po­si­tioned to match up with the de­sired Score Line mea­sure­ment on the up­per left side of the board (Photo 1). For ex­am­ple, a stan­dard A2 card (41/4 x 51/2 inches) would start with an 81/8 x 81/8inch piece of pa­per. Insert the pa­per into the punch with the left edge of the pa­per aligned at the 33/4-inch mark.

Once your pa­per is prop­erly placed on the board, press the blue punch but­ton and, with­out mov­ing the pa­per, score from the right edge of the punch down at an an­gle to­ward the lower right cor­ner of the board, us­ing the chan­nel as your guide (Photo 2). Next, ro­tate your pa­per 90 de­grees to the left (coun­ter­clock­wise) and in­stead of lin­ing up the left edge of the pa­per with a

mea­sure­ment, line up the scored line with the lit­tle “tail” on the left side of the punch (Photo 3). Once you have it lined up, punch and score again like you did on the first side. Re­peat the ro­tate, punch and score process two more times. Next, ro­tate the board and use the Re­verse Punch to round the cor­ners of your pa­per (Photo 4). Fold three of the sides in along the scored lines and se­cure with ad­he­sive to cre­ate the en­ve­lope (Photo 5).

This tool is won­der­ful if you like to make dif­fer­ent-sized cards and need match­ing en­velopes, or if you sim­ply don’t have en­velopes on hand. Use any­thing from a ba­sic sheet of card­stock to co­or­di­nat­ing pat­terned pa­per to make cus­tom en­velopes for any card, any time. We R Mem­ory Keep­ers also has an En­ve­lope Gen­er­a­tor Tool on their web­site for help in de­ter­min­ing pa­per size and punch guide mea­sure­ments for any size en­ve­lope you need.

Now comes the fun part! Ex­per­i­ment with the Punch Board to see what other kinds of projects you can make. A few op­tions you might want to try are dar­ling lit­tle bows and mini file fold­ers!

To cre­ate bows, start with strips of pat­terned pa­per or card­stock. The project in­struc­tions in this ar­ti­cle give you mea­sure­ments to cre­ate the bows shown on the projects. You can play around with dif­fer­ent sizes to cre­ate larger or smaller bows for your projects. The trick with cre­at­ing the bows with a strip of pa­per that is less than 1 inch wide is to NOT push the edge of your pa­per strip all the way into the punch. If you go too deep, you can­not punch both edges to cre­ate the cen­ter of the bow.

Do a quick search on the We R Mem­ory Keep­ers web­site, YouTube or Pin­ter­est and you can find many ex­am­ples and tu­to­ri­als on how to cre­ate other items with the En­ve­lope Punch Board. We R Mem­ory Keep­ers also of­fers punch boards for cre­at­ing gift boxes, pin­wheels, flow­ers and other shapes that would make fun ad­di­tions to your craft tool sup­ply! •






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