Pock­ets Ga­lore Gift Set

CardMaker - - Winter Greetings - De­signs by Robin Arnold


Marco’s Pa­per card­stock: Mir­ri­card Re­flec­tive gold, red, light brown, white Kais­er­craft Christ­mas Wishes Pearles­cent pat­terned pa­per Stampin’ Up! Here for You stamp set Imagine Me­mento tuxedo black ink pad 1mm metal­lic gold string Scor-Pal scor­ing board Punches: 1/16-inch hole, cor­ner-rounder Mini ad­he­sive dots Ad­he­sive foam squares Pa­per ad­he­sive


1. Form a 41/4 x 51/2-inch card from light brown card­stock. 2. Cut a 4 x 51/4-inch piece of red card­stock; ad­here to card.

3. Cut two 21/2 x 21/2-inch squares of pat­terned pa­per and two 23/4 x 23/4-inch squares of gold card­stock. Cut each in half di­ag­o­nally to cre­ate

a to­tal of eight tri­an­gles, four pat­terned pa­per and four gold.

4. Ad­here three pat­terned pa­per tri­an­gles to three gold tri­an­gles. Ad­here to card as shown us­ing foam squares.

5. Stamp sen­ti­ment on white card­stock. Cut a rec­tan­gle around words; round cor­ners and ad­here to card as shown.

6. Cre­ate a multi-loop bow from gold string. Ad­here to card with a mini ad­he­sive dot.

Treat Holder

1. Cut a 12 x 81/2-inch piece of pat­terned pa­per. With short edge hor­i­zon­tal, score at 21/2 and 6 inches. Ro­tate pa­per so long side is hor­i­zon­tal; score at 11/4, 21/2, 5, 7, 91/2 and 103/4 inches. 2. Fold and un­fold all score lines. 3. Cut off a 21/2-inch square from each cor­ner (Photo 1).

4. With wrong side of pa­per faceup, fold four score sec­tions next to cor­ner cutouts di­ag­o­nally (Photo 2).

5. Fold along 21/2- and 6-inch score lines (Photo 3).

6. Turn piece over. Fold up along 5- and 7-inch score lines (Photo 4).

Fold cor­ners of top sec­tions to out­side di­ag­o­nally (Photo 5).

8. Fold top sec­tions down (Photo 6).

9. Cut two 31/2 x 31/2-inch squares of red card­stock. Ad­here un­der folds on both sides of holder (Photo 7). Note: If needed, trim squares to fit.

10. Cut two 21/2 x 21/2-inch squares of gold card­stock. Cut each in half di­ag­o­nally to cre­ate four tri­an­gles. Slide tri­an­gles in­side di­ag­o­nal pock­ets of holder (Photo 8). To hold tri­an­gles in place, ap­ply a small amount of ad­he­sive to fronts of tri­an­gles. Do not ad­here tri­an­gles to red card­stock pan­els.

11. Hold top edges of holder to­gether and punch two holes through all lay­ers. Thread string through holes and tie a multi-loop bow. 12. Slide a treat in­side holder; slide a gift card and a tea bag into out­side pock­ets of holder. •

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