C.A.R.E. - - Cancer -

Can­cer is the gen­eral name for a group of more than 100 dis­eases. The body is made up of tril­lions of living cells, and nor­mal body cells are gen­er­ally dom­i­nant, grow­ing, re­pro­duc­ing and dy­ing in an or­derly way. Can­cer starts when ab­nor­mal cells— which are al­ways present— begin grow­ing rapidly and in­vad­ing other, nor­mal cells.

DNA is in ev­ery cell and it di­rects all its ac­tions. When DNA in a nor­mal cell is dam­aged, the cell ei­ther re­pairs the dam­age or dies. In can­cer cells, dam­aged DNA is not re­paired. The cell doesn’t die, but goes on to make new cells with the same dam­age.

Although DNA dam­age may re­sult from some­thing ob­vi­ous like cig­a­rette smok­ing or sun ex­po­sure, it is ac­tu­ally rare to know ex­actly what caused any one per­son’s can­cer.

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