Tall Tales: The Lucky Quar­ter

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tried to in­sert the quar­ter be­tween her fin­gers as if it was a coin-slot in a slot ma­chine. She then said "Look! I'm a win­ner!" and fell back asleep.

Diane and her daugh­ter didn't know if they should laugh or cry. They didn't know if she had tired to be funny, or if she was delu­sional.

When Diane got home she no­ticed that she was still hold­ing that quar­ter in her hand, and when the phone call came from the hos­pi­tal that her mother had slipped peace­fully away she squeezed that quar­ter tight in her fist.

As the days of morn­ing passed she con­tin­ued to hold that quar­ter in her hand. She'd glance at it and marvel over how amaz­ingly shiny and pol­ished it seemed—much more so than the other quar­ters that rat­tled around in her purse. Maybe it was act­ing like a worry-stone, maybe it was be­cause it was the last thing her mother touched, but Diane hung into that quar­ter as her good-luck piece.

A few weeks later Diane and her brother de­cided they needed a break and they went to visit the bright lights and ex­cite­ment of a near-by In­dian casino.

Diane picked out a slot ma­chine and sat down to play. Sud­denly a panic came over her. Her lucky quar­ter was gone! Had she mis­tak­enly in­serted it into the slot ma­chine?

She called her brother over. He de­cided he'd pay that slot ma­chine un­til it paid off, then she'd get her quar­ter back.

Diane nixed the idea be­cause she'd never be able to fig­ure out which quar­ter was her luck quar­ter from a bucket of win­nings.

Her brother then sug­gested that he cre­ate a dis­trac- tion by loudly pre­tend­ing to have a heart at­tack this giv­ing Diane an op­por­tu­nity to steal the en­tire slot ma­chine. Diane didn't go for that idea ei­ther.

The two of them stood there, star­ing at the slot ma­chine for a long time be­fore giv­ing up and leav­ing the casino.

Upon open­ing the car door Diane looked on in wide eyed amaze­ment. There, in the mid­dle of the car seat was her very spe­cial, very shiny lucky quar­ter. It was un­mis­tak­able. How her quar­ter had got­ten from in­side a slot ma­chine to that seat re­mained a mys­tery. A mys­tery that made her re­mem­ber her mother and how this fit in per­fectly with her sense of hu­mor.

To this day Diane still has that lucky quar­ter—now safely stored in her jew­elry box. on those oc­ca­sions when life seems dif­fi­cult, she pulls it out, and looks at it's shiny sur­face and says aloud just like her mother did, "Look! I'm a win­ner!"


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