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US Se­na­tor Tom Udall's of­fice is ac­cept­ing ap­pli­ca­tions for nom­i­na­tions to US mil­i­tary ser­vice acad­e­mies. These acad­e­mies pro­vide an ex­cel­lent ed­u­ca­tion and op­por­tu­ni­ties for lead­er­ship in mil­i­tary and civil­ian life. If ac­cepted, ap­pli­cants would be­gin at­tend­ing in the summer of 2014.

To ap­ply to the Mil­i­tary Academy (West Point), Naval Academy, Air Force Academy and Mer­chant Ma­rine Academy, can­di­dates must com­plete an ap­pli­ca­tion on Udall’s web­site, as well as all academy ap­pli­ca­tion re­quire­ments.

Ap­pli­cants must be at least 17, but no older than 23 on July 1, 2014, must be US cit­i­zens, and re­side within the le­gal bound­aries of New Mex­ico. The dead­line for a nom­i­na­tion from Udall is Oc­to­ber 11, 2013. Sub­mit ap­pli­ca­tions at: To­mu­­ academy. For ques­tions, call 505-346-6791. en­ter the green­house proper through a sec­ond door from the 4X6 en­try area.

The glaz­ing is a prod­uct called Solexx which looks like tiny pil­low tubes stuck to­gether. It is rated to in­su­late far bet­ter than glass. It has an ad­di­tional qual­ity that dif­fuses the sun­light to elim­i­nate shad­ows. This is a very strange ef­fect but the plants get more light over all and do not burn. It is set on a 45 de­gree an­gle and aimed as close as pos­si­ble to get the most of the win­ter sun. This was done with­out cut­ting down any trees!

The green­house has an ex­haust fan sys­tem which is ther­mo­stat­i­cally con­trolled. When the fan comes on a tiny mo­tor opens the lou­vered vent in the op­po­site wall. This keeps the place from be­com­ing an oven in summer.

The main tem­per­a­ture mod­er­at­ing sys­tem is geother­mal. There is 300 feet of cor­ru­gated pierced—with slits four times each inch—black poly drainage tub­ing is buried un­der the floor of the green­house. One end of each pipe goes into a plas­tic 55 gal­lon bar­rel. This bar­rel has a duct fan at­tached to the top with a large PVC pipe con­nected to it. The PVC pipe con­tin­ues to near the high­est point of the grow­ing area. The other ends of the tubes come up to vent back into the green­house close to the floor. The tube has a knit sock on it to keep dirt from clog­ging the pierced slits. It had a sim­i­lar look to the mon­ster in Tremors all be­fore it was cut up.

It was buried with small gravel all around. The idea is to pull the very hot air from the ceil­ing, run in through the 300 feet of tub­ing, push­ing the hot air out through the slits in the tub­ing as it goes, re­turn­ing cooler air to the grow­ing area dur­ing the day. The fan has a ther­mo­stat and 2 speed set­tings. When the tem­per­a­ture drops, the sec­ond ther­mo­stat turns the fan on at a slower speed to push through the heated gravel and warms the green­house.

Well, it works! Our snow peas were grown out­side last summer, moved into the green­house and con­tin­ued to pro­duce through Fe­bru­ary. Now we are eat­ing let­tuce and spinach started in win­ter and pro­duc­ing boun­ti­fully.

This is an en­cour­age­ment to fresh food lov­ing county dwellers. It may be too elab­o­rate for some, but any part of it can ex­tend your grow­ing time here, give you a big­ger crop, more nat­u­ral vi­ta­mins and hope­fully con­tinue your good health!

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