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Across 1. hairstyle in which both sides of the head are shaven, leav­ing a cen­ter strip of longer hair 4. "Laugh and the --- laughs with you." 10. op­po­site of el­dest 11. how to laugh in an In­ter­net chat 13. laugh qui­etly or in­wardly 14. in the shape of a ball 16. smile broadly 17. the an­i­mal that crosses the road 19. mal­low fam­ily plant with long ridged seed­pods, eaten in South as a veg­etable 20. grind one's teeth to­gether 21. Greek leader in the Tro­jan War (not funny) 23. caus­ing laugh­ter or amuse­ment 25. smoth­ered or half-sup­pressed laugh 26. prick or cut open with a sharp in­stru­ment 27. amuse­ment as ex­pressed in laugh­ter 28. Wendy's Ques on: "Where's the..." An­swer: Ca­tron County 31. en­joy­ment or light­hearted plea­sure 32. addi on or sup­ple­ment that ex­plains, mod­i­fies, or re­vokes a will 33. what gets changed 35. good break­fast food 36. laugh in a breathy, glee­ful way 39. re­somely sim­ple; lack­ing sub­tlety 43. what hap­pens a er a meal is re­jected by the body 44. "A merry heart maketh a cheer­ful --." 45. rid­dle or para­dox 47. story with a funny punch line 49. laugh in a ner­vous, silly man­ner 51. where to find a Ca­tron County's comic cre­ator 52. night cloth­ing 54. dark mark or stain 55. noisy and dis­or­derly 56. tele­vi­sion set Down 2. ex­tremely amus­ing 3. jokes that hap­pen at the front door 5. laugh up­roar­i­ously on In­ter­net chat 6. hurry 7. tasty Chi­nese res­tau­rant fin­ger food 8. what the fam­ily in called off-color lan­guage 9. look­ing or feel­ing de­jected 10. posi ve re­sponse 11. make spon­ta­neous sounds and move­ments that are ex­pres­sions amuse­ment 12. where to read some funny jokes 15. joke that de­pends upon homonyms 17. char­ac­ter who's funny when he doesn't kick the foot­ball 18. se­quence of draw­ings in boxes that tell an amus­ing story 22. in­sane 23. hav­ing more adi­pose ssue 24. folks in town have in­stead of mail­boxes 27. "Laugh­ter is the best ---" 29. fa­vorite Shake­speare comic char­ac­ter 30. you don't laugh when you have this in your head or back or neck or … 32. boy and a ger 34. pop­u­lar clean hu­mor comedian 37. slow air­plane ground move a er land­ing 38. to talk or laugh in a shrill man­ner 40. fat orange cat 41. the funny guy in medieval mes 42. long or im­plau­si­ble story 46. loud and bois­ter­ous laugh 47. how to laugh in Span­ish 48. hu­mor­ous imita on of some­thing 50. ul mate 52. ad­van­tage of some­thing or an ar­gu­ment in fa­vor of a course of ac on 53. grain used to make dark bread

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