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Christ­mas Crossword 2. "____ right down Santa Claus Lane" 11. process of be­ing set free from le­gal, so­cial, or poli cal re­stric ons 12. feel or show great joy 14. rigid non-re­mov­able magne c disk with large data stor­age ca­pac­ity 16. " ____, jin­gle all the way" 17. good, s ck-to-your-ribs break­fast 18. wrote "Sing a Song of Merry Christ­mas" 19. be­gin 21. be­side which Santa puts his fin­ger 23. "____ , próspero año, y fe­li­ci­dad" 25. curved paths of ce­les al ob­jects or space­cra around a star, planet, or moon 27. red-breasted birds 29. "__ holy night" 31. sofa 32. try 33. ex­ten­sive group of states or coun- tries un­der a sin­gle supreme au­thor­ity 34. fly or rise high in the air 35. the red-nosed rein­deer 36. "________, joy­ful and tri­umphant" 40. type of entertainment pop­u­lar in US in early 20th cen­tury, fea­tur­ing a mix of spe­cialty acts 42. "_____ , the stars are brightly shin­ing" 44. char­ac­teris c or rep­re­senta ve of 45. the an­gel said, "____ not!" 46. Step-fa­ther of the baby Je­sus 1. twin con­stella on 3. chiefly 20th cen­tury philo­soph­i­cal move­ment em­brac­ing di­verse doc­trines but cen­ter­ing on anal­y­sis of in­di­vid­ual in an un­fath­omable uni­verse 4. good dings of the re­demp on of the world through Je­sus Christ 5. "____, how s ll we see the lie!" 6. feel­ing of list­less­ness and dissa sfac on from a lack of oc­cupa on 7. Frosty the _______ 8. pole where Santa lives 9. de­vices or tools hav­ing a par cu­lar use, esp. in a kitchen 10. what makes pos­si­ble many of the gi s we now give for Christ­mas 13. " ________ of a white Christ­mas" 15. "__, no crib for a bed" 16. the con­science of Pinoc­chio 20. "__ the an­gel did say" 22. "__ the Lord is come!" 24. "_____ with boughs of holly!" 26. "_____ It's Christ­mas me in the city." 28. what one does to bread dough 30. long-winged, web-footed seabird with a rau­cous call, typ­i­cally hav­ing white plumage with a gray or black man­tle 37. not ght 38. Ro­man cloth­ing 39. mother of the baby Je­sus 41. one who makes toys in Santa's work­shop 43. tradi onal toy for boys

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