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Be­lieve it or not, the 1950’s clas­sic hor­ror movie The Blob is based on an in­ci­dent that hap­pened in the ‘50s when Philadel­phia po­lice­men stum­bled upon a quiv­er­ing purple lump that had crash landed in a nearby field, as if Gri­mace had sud­denly been stricken with bub­ble-gut in the mid­dle of a hang glid­ing trip. Ac­cord­ing to the re­spond­ing of­fi­cers, the mass was like a gi­ant glow­ing jelly ball, and it left a sticky residue when touched, be­cause of course the first thing you would do when en­coun­ter­ing a mys­te­ri­ous Plu­to­nian blob is shove your hands into it.

The two cops wanted wit­nesses to cor­rob­o­rate what they were see­ing, so they ra­dioed for two fel­low of­fi­cers to come take a look at it, if for no other rea­son than to prove they hadn't just been pranked by a cou­ple of hop­heads and alkies with fifty jars of jelly and ab­so­lutely noth­ing bet­ter to do.

The blob quickly be­gan to fall apart, and within half an hour had com­pletely dis­solved, leav­ing be­hind no trace that it had ever ex­isted.

Re­gard­less of how ridicu- lous the story may seem, an of­fi­cial govern­ment re­port was made of the in­ci­dent, although that likely had more to do with the Cold War than a fear of ex­trater­res­trial pre­serves.

"Space jelly, eh? Those crafty Russkies." Who knows what it ac­tu­ally was—maybe some pass­ing pedes­trian dropped a Jell-O mold and, be­fore the of­fi­cers could come back to the scene, some pass­ing an­i­mal came and ate it. Or maybe the guy just made the whole thing up.

Years later a man named Irvine H. Mill­gate (who at one point in his life had the very unique job ti­tle of "Head of Vis­ual Aids for the Boy Scouts of Amer­ica") needed to come up with a premise for a low-bud­get mon­ster movie. In­stead of pulling some­thing com­pletely out of thin air, he re­mem­bered the Philadel­phia in­ci­dent and used it as in­spi­ra­tion to as­sist him in pulling off some­thing com­pletely un­likely. The Blob be­came an un­likely hit, so if that purple blob crea­ture ac­tu­ally re­turns to Earth some­day, we as­sume the first thing it's go­ing to do is sue for un­paid roy­al­ties (and then get shot by Tom Cruise in the re­make).

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