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I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Prep­per.” It de­notes a sur­vival­ist, some­one who ac­tively pre­pares for emer­gen­cies in­clud­ing so­cial or po­lit­i­cal dis­rup­tions from lo­cal to in­ter­na­tional. We think of stock­pil­ing food wa­ter or med­i­cal sup­plies and be­com­ing self­suf­fi­cient, even to go as far as build­ing un­der­ground shel­ters to sur­vive a catas­tro­phe. Some de­gree of this is wise for all of us.

We think of this in terms of nat­u­ral dis­as­ters, eco­nomic col­lapse, pan­demic, fail­ure of the power grid etc., but the thing we could all pre­pare for is get­ting older re­tire­ment and re­duced ca­pac­ity to pro­vide in­come. We have all wit­nessed in­creases in the prices of util­i­ties, food, and fuel. I re­cently saw a TV com­mer­cial try­ing to tell me I will need one mil­lion dol­lars to re­tire, and show­ing some hand­some grey haired fel­low sit­ting on the beach or climb­ing a moun­tain. I found this scary and com­i­cal, not the re­al­ity most of us face un­less we are a lot­tery win­ner or CEO of a Wall Street firm or Bank.

We can re­duce the amount of money we need for re­tire­ment by sim­pli­fy­ing our lives, re­duc­ing our need for some or all the on the grid en­ergy, and in­tro­duc­ing the ideals of “per­ma­cul­ture” into our homes and lives.

Now we could all look at other ways to re­duce our needs and at the same time strive to make a more ef­fi­cient, com­fort­able life.

What I’m gong talk about here is pas­sive prepa­ra­tion, a mid­dle ground step by step ap­proach to pre­par­ing for all the above-men­tioned sce­nar­ios. It can seem like it’s get­ting to the point where you are mak­ing a dif­fer­ence is over­whelm­ing, but just lit­tle things add up. I started by re­plac­ing my se­cu­rity lights with in­ex­pen­sive so­lar se­cu­rity sys­tems, then be­gan to ex­am­ine my elec­tric us­age un­plug­ging and re­mov­ing things I don’t need, and have re­duced my bill by more than half. I guess you could call this green think­ing, but I’m just try­ing to re­duce the amount green com­ing out of my wal­let. Lots of us who live out here in Ca­tron County New Mex­ico have al­ready thought about this, that’s part of why were here. The cost of land here in our neigh­bor­hood is well below the na­tional av­er­age so we al­ready have an ad­van­tage and a good start.

In this col­umn I will be ex­plor­ing ways to work with na­ture re­duce waste, share abun­dance, ob­serv­ing and in­ter­act­ing with peo­ple of the same mind­set. I will try to present ideas that make the best use of na­ture's abun­dance to re­duce our con­sump­tive be­hav­ior and de­pen­dence on non-re­new­able re­sources. This month’s tip: Re­place “on the grid” se­cu­rity lights with self con­tained, re­mote so­lar pow­ered se­cu­rity lights that are very easy to in­stall any­where. They can be found on the web for very lit­tle money and will pay for them selves quickly. I got mine at Ama­ but have seen them in hard­ware stores and at places like Har­bor Freight

I look for­ward to your ideas and so­lu­tions. Send them to: passprep­

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