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Un­like many of my gen­er­a­tion Who came to be­lieve that Our el­ders lied to them, I be­lieved, then and now, That the peo­ple I grew up among Were sin­cere and con­sci­en­tious, As well as in­tel­li­gent and hard work­ing. In youth, I did not know The hy­pesters who, since, Have some­how come to own And suf­fo­cate our World they So in­fest. Yet, per­haps in just that, I long have come to be­lieve That some­thing which, even in youth, Dis­tressed me about the adults And stan­dards of the World I then knew Was, I even­tu­ally came to see it as Wish­ful think­ing: “The De­pres­sion is over; Evil died with Hitler.” Pros­per­ity. Progress. Play by the rules, and Hon­est ef­fort will suc­ceed. And in my child­hood, my par­ents’ Gen­er­a­tion’s prime young adult years, It was more true than It had been and grow­ing more so. But it turned around. The hy­pesters Stole glitz, then glory, then Sold stock in that tin­sel For cap­i­tal to buy ap­ple or­chards, And ver­ti­cal bread cor­po­ra­tions – From wheat farm (and its Fed­eral Sub­sidy Pro­gram) to su­per­mar­ket Shelf space, and Gen­eral Mo­tors’ bankers, And the big­gest petro­chem­i­cal con­glom­er­ates. And their own souls. The hy­pesters Be­lieve their own tricks. I sym­pa­thize With the sin­cere wish­ful think­ing Of those I knew as adults When I was a child. Those, how­ever, Who now be­lieve that bread and Oil, ap­ples and glitz, glory And the means to any life at all, Are in­ter­change­able, and value Of PR hype and a roof Over your head mea­sur­able against Each other solely by sale price, Are lost in a wish­ful think­ing Night­mare so po­tent that Who and what will be left to wake? And I won­der the more, as I see Some…sub­stan­tial mi­nor­ity I think, Of young peo­ple liv­ing in ways I would not have even when I was young, Yet see­ing, to live so, in ways That some­how do make sense In the one step at a Time That all life is, even in a Time When mad­ness pre­vails in the World. What fol­lows the ura­nium but­ter­fly’s flight While its land­ing field de­cays to lead?

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