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Ca­tron County is about to have it’s first ever greet­ing cards store for cats.

Tiger and Kat Lyons an­nounced on April that they are cur­rently look­ing for a store-front along High­way 32 to open their new ex­cit­ing con­cept in greet­ing cards— namely a store where cats can buy cards for their own­ers and, one sup­poses, other cats.

“I’ve never once seen a cat in a greet­ing card store,” said Tiger (who in­sists he was not named for the fa­mous golfer, but who had the name first). “I’m pretty sure there’s a need here that no one is ad­dress­ing.” It’s hard to ar­gue with logic like that.

Tiger con­tin­ued, “My Kat, of course, loves cats, you see, so she’s writ­ing the cards. We also wanted a place that was cen­tral to ev­ery­one, so that means we want to find a spot on the high­way some­where so we’re easy to get to. That’s hard out here. And we fig­ure the moun­tain li­ons and the bob­cats might want to stop by, too...we have to keep our mar­ket in mind.”

Tiger handed me a stack of cards. Ex­pected best­sellers in­clude sen­ti­ments such as:

‘You are an al­most ad­e­quate owner.’

‘I will run away if you don’t feed me more tuna.’

‘I prom­ise I’ll make pretty sure you’re dead be­fore I eat you.’

‘If you want to hunt mice so much why don’t you do it your­self.’

‘No, I don’t love you—your lap is warm, so sit still.’

‘If you wanted a pet that lis­tened to you, you should have got­ten a dog.’

‘The fish bowl’s been empty all day—what do you mean there were fish?’

‘The dog did it.’

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