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Which fact isn’t true? A) Lob­sters don't grow old and die. As far as sci­en­tists can tell, they only die of ex­ter­nal causes. B) If you eat a po­lar bear liver, you will die—hu­mans can’t han­dle that much vi­ta­min A. C) Elvis Pres­ley was born a nat­u­ral red-head. D) Honey never spoils—you could eat 10,000 year old honey. E) Hu­man hair is strong enough to sup­port twelve tons. F) There are more con­firmed deaths from drown­ing in mo­lasses than from coyote at­tacks—twenty-one peo­ple have died drown­ing in mo­lasses, and only two fa­tal coyote-on-hu­man at­tacks have been con­firmed.

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