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With win­ter here it’s time to pre­pare for the cold­est months—Jan­uary and Fe­bru­ary.

This year try felt weath­er­strips around your doors. You can get the felt on­line from Loews for only $2.57 a roll. Do re­mem­ber you’ll need to re­place re­in­forced felt ev­ery year or two. If you want more dura­bil­ity, in­stall tension strips. They are formed in a V shape and work by com­press­ing when the door or win­dow closes on them. It’s well worth check­ing all your win­dows and door since a quar­ter inch gap in a 36-inch door is equiv­a­lent to a 9 square inch hole in the wall!

Don’t forget un­der the door. The eas­i­est and least ex­pen­sive fix is a door sweep that come with re­tractable sweeps that raise au­to­mat­i­cally when the door opens. Door shoes, be­cause they are at­tached to the bot­tom of the door, have the ad­van­tage of longer life. Again, you can get th­ese on­line from Ama­ or Loews.

While your win­ter­iz­ing your doors and win­dows, also in­vest in a cast-iron hu­mid­i­fier. You can get a dandy one from A home that has some hu­mid­ity will feel warmer at only 68 de­grees than a home that is the same temp but dry. A cast-iron tea ket­tle will work on wood stoves.

You can also make a door snake from old jeans or any old fab­ric. Just sew up a tube on three sides (make it about 3’ by 6”). Turn it so the seams are on the in­side. Now stuff with any soft ma­te­rial—this can be sand, more fab­ric, an old pil­low stuff­ing, or even wood shav­ings. Sew up the fi­nal end and lay in by the door to block drafts. Th­ese also work on win­dow sills.

Now may also be the time to in­stall some so­lar pan­els that can ei­ther power your hot wa­ter heater di­rectly or give you some ex­tra power at home for heat­ing. So­lar has never been cheaper, and you can get a so­lar power sys­tem, in­clud­ing an in­verter at Ama­ for be­tween $800 and $3,000 dol­lars. (Just do a search for “so­lar power sys­tem” and pick the sys­tem that’s right for your needs and pock­et­book.)

You can also in­vest in some ther­mal cur­tains—th­ese are cur­tains lined with ma­te­ri­als that will help keep the heat in­side your house in the win­ter and out­side your house in the sum­mer.

Fi­nally, in­vest in some good, wool socks to help keep you warm in the win­ter. Peo­ple Socks are made in the US from merino wool and come in four packs for about $30 from Ama­

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