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If you’ve got a com­puter, and most of us do, you can do a sim­ple thing to sim­plify and un­clut­ter your life. Take a few min­utes to re­ceive and pay your bills elec­tron­i­cally. Al­most ev­ery­thing from your phone bill to your credit card state­ment can be viewed on­line and of­ten these com­pa­nies will dis­count you a few dol­lars for go­ing pa­per­less.

To save more pen­nies, turn off your elec­tron­ics when not in use. A com­puter left on for 24 hours can use a lot of elec­tric­ity—up to 1000 kilo­watts. And, even when your TV or com­puter is off, it is still us­ing power. Many ap­pli­ances aren’t re­ally off when you turn them off—they are in low power “sleep” mode in­stead. Ei­ther un­plug all your elec­tronic de­vices or use a power strip and flip of the switch when you’re done.

Use less dis­pos­able items to save on hav­ing to re­buy and re­buy the same things. Go for eat­ing ice cream in a cone rather than a cup. Use your travel mug when buy­ing cof­fee. Keep your wa­ter bot­tle handy. Don’t for­get your re­us­able shop­ping bags.

It’s a fan­tas­tic new trend to say no to dis­pos­able shavers and go back to an old fash­ioned “safety ra­zor” like the one your dad used. They’re just as safe and handy as dis­pos­able ra­zors, but much cheaper to use and pro­duce much less waste. A sin­gle blade will give be­tween 10 to 15 shaves on each of its two sides.

Up­grade your lights. Chang­ing light bulbs with the new low cost LED lamps can save ten times the amount of en­ergy than a reg­u­lar bulb while last­ing for many years. Don’t for­get to turn off lights when not in use.

If you can get mo­tion­sen­si­tive lights, give them a try—they turn off when no more mo­tion is de­tected. Also, if you like us­ing out­door lights go for the so­lar pow­ered ones.

Are you a hoarder? A hoarder in train­ing per­haps? Sim­plify your life as much as pos­si­ble. Only keep be­long­ings that you use/en­joy on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. Mak­ing the ef­fort to re­duce what you own, you will nat­u­rally pur­chase less/cre­ate less waste in the fu­ture.

To re­duce what you have—and give your old items a chance at a sec­ond life, visit GiveBack­ From there you can print a la­bel that you can ap­ply to a box from Ama­ or other on­line re­tailer. Put your do­na­tions in the box, add the la­bel and ship! You can even print a do­na­tion re­ceipt from GiveBack­, and you don’t have to deal with old boxes.

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