Star­walks: Sum­mer Pre­view

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by Thea Mar­shall

May be­gins with Mer­cury ris­ing in the East an hour be­fore sun­rise. Saturn can be seen in the South on the mid -heaven while Jupiter and the Moon sink into the West. The pre-dawn May 7 sky will af­ford the best view­ing of the Eta me­teor shower in the con­stel­la­tion Aquar­ius which has been go­ing on since late April. Aquar­ius will be low on the East­ern hori­zon just to the right of the Great Square of Pe­ga­sus.

The sun­set on May 17 will be graced by the planet Venus and the new Cres­cent Moon on the West­ern hori­zon. Jupiter will al­ready be above the hori­zon in the East. May 19 will be the last evening to see Antares rise in the East.

The Full Moon of May 29 will rise at 8:34 PM just af­ter the red, fixed star Antares, the Heart of the Scor­pion, at 8:32 PM, although the twi­light sky will be too bright to show the star. Venus will re­main in the west­ern sky un­til 10:51 PM when it sets, fol­lowed by the bright star Capella, set­ting at 10:59 PM. In the north­east, Al­tair rises at 10:09 PM fol­lowed by Saturn at 10:20 PM.

On May 31, Saturn will set with the Moon at sun­set. On June 3, near mid­night, Mars and the wan­ing Moon will rise in the con­stel­la­tion Capri­corn.


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