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A Shock­ing Dis­cov­ery! An Eth­i­cal Dilemma!

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No Mat­ter What Billy Says, “Vic­to­ria Isn’t Go­ing To Let Any­one Stand In The Way!”

Lately, THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Vic­tor New­man has seemed to turn over a new leaf, choos­ing fam­ily over be­ing the ruth­less mogul that every­one has known and feared for so long. But this week, it looks like that vac­uum in the busi­ness world is be­ing filled by Vic­to­ria, who proves that she is def­i­nitely her fa­ther’s daugh­ter when she gets sneaky to not just beat Jack but an­ni­hi­late him!

Mariah Be­comes A Pawn In The Game!

As the week be­gins, Vic­to­ria is at GC BUZZ with the hope of us­ing some of the show’s footage to put to­gether a promo reel to lure in a po­ten­tial client for Brash & Sassy. Not sur­pris­ingly, Mariah makes her prom­ise to only show

It’s look­ing like Jack’s in­volve­ment with Glo­ria is go­ing to be as dis­as­trous for him as John’s in­volve­ment with her once was.

her client the video pri­vately — not to re­lease it pub­licly — be­fore al­low­ing Vic­to­ria ac­cess to her com­puter, where she shuf­fles through the files. Alas, the red­head for­got about one par­tic­u­lar file — la­beled Jabot-clarissa-ha­rass­ment — which Vic­to­ria im­me­di­ately ze­roes in on like a heat-seek­ing mis­sile!

Cu­rios­ity piqued, Vic­to­ria quizzes Mariah di­rectly about the video, and when that doesn’t work, she tries to

com­pli­ment her jour­nal­is­tic in­tegrity so much that the re­porter spills the beans! While Mariah re­sists such tac­tics, she un­der­es­ti­mates Vic­to­ria’s de­ter­mi­na­tion to see the video… un­aware that when she’s called away that Vic­to­ria will take mat­ters into her own hands and down­load the pri­vate file onto her flash drive! “Vic­to­ria is al­ready on the de­fen­sive be­cause of Jack’s ac­tions, so it’s a fairly easy de­ci­sion when she dis­cov­ers the video file!” de­fends her por­trayer, Amelia Heinle. “In the right cir­cum­stances, if Vic­to­ria is pushed too hard, she pushes back.

“But,” she adds, “any­time Vic­to­ria shows some tenac­ity, she is com­pared to Vic­tor!”

Billy’s Plan To De­feat Jack!

Billy may shy away from com­par­ing his ex to his for­mer fa­ther-in-law (at least to her face!), but when she re­turns to the of­fice with the stolen video file, he does point out that Vic­to­ria isn’t ex­actly tak­ing the high road in busi­ness! Still, Heinle doesn’t be­lieve her al­ter ego is be­ing harsher than her coun­ter­parts in the cor­po­rate world. “Jill ran a tight ship when she owned Brash & Sassy, and every­one should ex­pect no

Jack would be wise to read and reread this cap­tion as needed. “Vic­to­ria is level-headed,” says her por­trayer, “but she’s not a pushover.”

dif­fer­ent with Vic­to­ria in charge,” she in­sists. “She’s the boss now, so she needs to be fo­cused and in con­trol. She’s made that very clear to both Billy and Cane!

“I would think,” she goes on, “the au­di­ence will ap­pre­ci­ate Vic­to­ria stand­ing up for her­self just like Jill or Lauren would do in the same sit­u­a­tion!”

In fact, Jack hasn’t ex­actly been eth­i­cal as he com­petes against Brash & Sassy. His lat­est stunt found him at­tempt­ing to land a deal with a pop­u­lar hockey team by trash­ing Billy’s rep­u­ta­tion! While Billy vows to fight back against his big brother’s un­der­handed tac­tics, he tells Vic­to­ria that means go­ing to New York to woo the head of the hockey team — not nec­es­sar­ily by us­ing the stolen JabotClarissa-ha­rass­ment file!

Clarissa’s Iden­tity Is Re­vealed!

Af­ter de­bat­ing the ethics of view­ing the video file, both Vic­to­ria and Billy agree… to ta­ble their dis­cus­sion un­til later. In­stead, they fo­cus on pulling up the le­git­i­mate files that Vic­to­ria had promised Mariah she’d use for her pro­mo­tional cam­paign. Yet a funny thing hap­pens as they work on the pack­age — af­ter view­ing the footage from when Vic­to­ria was on GC BUZZ, the il­le­gally ob­tained footage of the Jabot- claris­saHarass­ment file pop sup and be­gins play­ing. And Glo­ria’ s face is no longer blurred out, as she shares the sala­cious de­tails of her sex­ual-ha­rass­ment com­plaint!

Pre­views Heinle: “Billy and Vic­to­ria are in com­plete shock about the ac­cu­sa­tions against Jack, as well as Clarissa’s true iden­tity!” (Can’t say we blame ’em!)

De­ci­sion Time For Vic­to­ria!

Still, once the shock sub­sides, Billy is as tempted as Vic­to­ria to use the il­le­gally ob­tained file against Jack. Of course, Vic­to­ria knows that once she opens this par­tic­u­lar Pan­dora’s box, she will not only be break­ing her word to Mariah, but she could be de­stroy­ing Jack… and maybe even Jabot!

For her part, Heinle warns fans not to un­der­es­ti­mate her al­ter ego, be­cause Vic­to­ria might not have started the cor­po­rate fight with Jack, but she cer­tainly has the strength to fin­ish it… and bury him in the process! “She’s spent a great deal of time and money buy­ing back Brash & Sassy, and she isn’t go­ing to let Jack — or any­one else — stand in the way of her suc­cess!”

In other words, maybe Genoa City denizens should stop think­ing of Vic­tor as the town’s tough­est mogul and start wor­ry­ing about Vic­to­ria!

Vic­to­ria got her mother’s taste in men (Cole, Brad, Dea­con) but her fa­ther’s busi­ness cun­ning.

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