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Aside from that brief sit­u­a­tion with Stitch, THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Abby and Ash­ley have had a pretty good mother/ daugh­ter re­la­tion­ship. But that may change once Abby meets with the one woman Ash­ley hates with a pas­sion: her own mother, Dina! Could Abby’s un­ex­pected rap­port with her grand­mother de­stroy her re­la­tion­ship with Ash­ley?

The In Depth Story: Abby didn’t ex­actly tell her mom that she was plan­ning to see Dina, so it’s a bit awk­ward when Ash­ley in­forms her that Dina was only too happy to let her know about the visit! “Abby feels bad that she didn’t get to tell her first,” ad­mits her por­trayer, Melissa Ord­way. “But she was a lit­tle ner­vous about how her mom would re­act to her want­ing to see Dina, so that’s why she didn’t tell her be­fore­hand.

“But she’s an adult,” she adds, “and she can make her own de­ci­sions!”

Of course, it’s a de­ci­sion that’s sure to stir up trou­ble with her mom. How­ever, Ord­way says that’s not her al­ter ego’s in­ten­tion. “Abby has so many ques­tions about who her grand­mother is,” sug­gests the ac­tress. “As much as she

would like to be loyal to her mom, she’s kind of stuck in the mid­dle, be­cause she does want to get to know her grand­mother. She’s heard hor ri­ble things her whole life about how Dina aban­doned her fam­ily — she just wants to find out for her­self!”

In­ter­est­ingly, in that en­deavor, Abby is more than a lit­tle sur­prised, be­cause Dina doesn’t come across as the wicked, child- hat­ing, fam­ily-de­stroy­ing vixen that she’s been made out to be. In fact, Abby looks at Dina, and sees… her­self! “Abby re­ally feels like they have a lot of sim­i­lar­i­ties in their per­son­al­i­ties, and she wasn’t ex­pect­ing that!” pre­views Ord­way. “Abby is caught off guard by how blunt Dina is and how she just kind of says what­ever is on her mind.

“Abby has those qual­i­ties,” she con­tin­ues. “She feels like they’re kin­dred spir­its. She’s only heard how hor­ri­ble her grand­mother is, so she’s like, ‘Wow, we have a lot more in com­mon than I thought!’”

In­clud­ing Abby’s de­sire to be­come a busi­ness dy­namo! “Dina is a strong woman — a strong busi­ness­woman — and Abby looks at her and is like, ‘ I could learn so much from you!’”

Alas, it’s that de­sire that may put Abby on a col­li­sion course with her own

“This could drive a wedge be­tween Abby and Ash­ley.”

mother! “This could drive a wedge be­tween Abby and Ash­ley,” con­cedes Ord way. “Abby is go­ing to do what she wants, but she might also be try­ing to play peace­maker be­tween Dina and Ash­ley. She says to Ash­ley, ‘You know, Dina isn’t as ter­ri­ble as you think… maybe you should give her a chance?’

“This is an amaz­ing story,” she adds. “There’s so much his­tor y be­tween Dina and Ash­ley. I think fans are go­ing to be happy with it. It’s one of my fa­vorite stor ylines that I’ve played so far!”

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