Will Nicole Say, “That’s My Baby!”?

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Apart from a few re­la­tion­ship hic­cups that re­sulted from Rick and Maya ask­ing Nicole to have a sec­ond child for them — and her de­clin­ing — very lit­tle has rocked B&B’S Avant fam­ily since Lizzy’s birth. But that may fi­nally be about to change!

The In Depth Story: For the bet­ter part of a year, Rick and Maya have been on hand to com­ment about other char­ac­ters’ sto­ries with­out hav­ing much in the way of their own, and though Lizzy’s par­ents seem hap­pily mar­ried, Karla Mosley ( Maya) thinks that need not be an im­ped­i­ment to fresh drama. “Ever yone who’s mar­ried or in a long-term re­la­tion­ship knows that mar­riages are tough,” says the ac­tress.

Of course, the calm wa­ters Rick and Maya have en­joyed since Lizzy’s birth could be the per­fect pre­lude to ma­jor prob­lems now that new­ly­weds Nicole and Zende are at- tempt­ing — with dif­fi­culty — to start their own fam­ily. “This could pos­si­bly lead to lots of drama,” agrees Reign Ed­wards ( Nicole), who has long won­dered whether her al­ter ego could even­tu­ally come to have sec­ond thoughts about hav­ing handed her own bi­o­log­i­cal daugh­ter over to her sis­ter. “She gave this child to Maya and Rick, and it’s ver y pos­si­ble she may watch this child grow up and think, ‘That’s my baby, and yet I can’t be its mother.’ There’s a bond be­tween Nicole and Lizzy that’s al­ways go­ing to be there, no mat­ter what!”

For his par t, Ja­cob Young ( Rick) says he’s been itch­ing to see some sort of cus­tody bat­tle over Lizzy take shape. “It could be some­thing that could re­ally drive these two sis­ters apart,” he muses, “or bring them closer in the end. It would cre­ate some re­ally great scenes for the whole fam­ily.”

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