Will Carly Ever For­give Nelle?

GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’S Michael is fall­ing un­der Nelle’s spell again… but his mom, Carly, wants the wicked witch ban­ished from their lives!

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The In Depth Story: “This is not just about hate,” Laura Wright (Carly) says of her al­ter ego’s feel­ings. “Un­der­neath that, there’s pain. These women were conned by the same man, and each has her own per­cep­tion of what re­ally hap­pened. I love that we have so many lev­els to play.”

Adds Chloe Lanier ( Nelle): “This is about years of suf fer­ing they were both sub­jected to, and you can’t just let that go. Plus, they’re two very stub­born hu­man be­ings, and they both want to be right.”

With Nelle try­ing to make amends, Lanier hopes Carly can get be­yond her char­ac­ter’s past machi­na­tions. “Carly would be a hyp­ocrite… well, she is a hyp­ocrite! But she’d be a ma­jor one if she were to not for­give Nelle,” she main­tains. “She did the ex­act same thing to her mom. Bob­bie can say it was dif­fer­ent all she wants, but it’s not!” In typ­i­cal soap fash­ion, it might take an emer­gency to shift the par­a­digm. “Watch, Carly will prob­a­bly have to give Nelle a kid­ney,” cracks Wright. “Un­less Michael de­cides to bring the slut over for the Fourth Of July!”

Re­cent events have seen Michael look­ing at Nelle through kin­der eyes, but can she re­ally con­vince him to give her an­other chance? “I’m not sure she will,” Lanier ad­mits, “but she’s sure go­ing to try!”

Wright agrees that Nelle might pos­si­bly have a shot at re­demp­tion — down the road. “The writ­ers have to be plan­ning some­thing,” she warns, “be­cause they gave me that great line, ‘ The pain you caused is com­ing for you like a run­away truck.’ Don’t mess with Carly!”

“How dare you point out my very sim­i­lar sins, Nelle!”

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