The Young & The Rest­less

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As the sum­mer tem­per­a­tures heat up, so, too, will the lives of Genoa City res­i­dents! In fact, Y& R fans can ex­pect more ro­man­tic twists and turns, tri­an­gles and en­tan­gle­ments than ever be­fore! Here’s ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Mal Young with the low­down!

Vic­to­ria Vs. Phyl­lis!

View­ers need to brace them­selves be­cause there’s go­ing to be “a ma­jor tu­gof- war be­tween Vic­to­ria and Phyl­lis, with Billy caught in be­tween!” de­clares Young. “Phyl­lis is the woman who gives Billy an emo­tional high and makes him feel like he’s able to be him­self. But Vic­to­ria is a pic­ture of sta­bil­ity and fam­ily for Billy. A cri­sis at Brash & Sassy will force Billy fur­ther into Vic­to­ria’s or­bit, which she may use to her ad­van­tage. The beauty of this tri­an­gle is the equal root­ing power on both sides.” In other words, all bets are off on which woman won’t be sleep­ing alone at night!

Vic­tor Comes Roar­ing Back!

If there’s one thing that view­ers know about The Mus­tache, it’s that he doesn’t ac­cept de­feat on any level! “Vic­to­ria, Nikki and Nick are still wary when it comes to let­ting Vic­tor back in their lives — in their eyes, he has done the un­for­giv­able and no longer de­serves to be in con­trol of the New­man clan,” says Young. “Vic­tor, how­ever, never gives up eas­ily and is plan­ning on re­gain­ing con­trol of his fam­ily — no mat­ter what it takes!” Will that in­clude more bribery or bul­ly­ing… or a lit­tle bit of both?

Se­crets Tick­ing Like Bombs!

Even as Chelsea and Nick be­come closer dur­ing the hunt for Chloe (see Cover Story, page 24), they both are keep­ing se­crets that have the po­ten­tial to side­line their re­la­tion­ship! “We know what they say about the path of true love, so Chelsea and Nick will see their fair share of trou­bles!” chuck­les Young. “Nick knows that he can’t be com­pletely hon­est with Chelsea about Vic­tor and his in­volve­ment in Adam’s death, and this

makes con­nect­ing to her ex­tremely dif­fi­cult. [ The se­cret] will cause a ma­jor wrin­kle in their re­la­tion­ship as Nick at­tempts to hide Vic­tor’s in­volve­ment with Chloe!” Of course, Chelsea has a se­cret of her own, know­ing that Nick’s son, Chris­tian, isn’t re­ally his! Could the truth set these love­birds free to truly con­nect with each other… or could it set them free from each other?

Kevin Turns To The Dark Side!

“Kevin is def­i­nitely go­ing through a tough time right now as he ad­justs not only to fa­ther­hood but also to be­ing a sin­gle par­ent,” pre­views the exec. “He loves Bella and was al­ready pre­pared to take her on as his daugh­ter, but do­ing it with­out Chloe and with the knowl­edge that Chloe killed Adam makes his new­found fa­ther­hood ex­tremely dif­fi­cult! Kevin will find him­self forced into a sit­u­a­tion where he will need to un­leash his in­ner bad boy we all know so well!” Of course, when Kevin has gone dark in the past, peo­ple of­ten ended up hurt!

Will Abby Steal Sharon’s Man?

After years of loving and los­ing — and oc­ca­sion­ally go­ing crazy — Sharon ap­pears to have found some­thing more solid and steady with Scott. “[They] are in a re­la­tion­ship where nei­ther of them feels pres­sured to move too quickly,” teases Young. “Sharon en­joys the mys­tery around Scott, and Scott en­joys that Sharon is so re­cep­tive to his unique per­son­al­ity.” Sharon may of­fer Scott a nice re­prieve, be­cause at work, he’s locking horns with Abby as they com­pete! “They both ap­pear to loathe one an­other deeply, with noth­ing in com­mon. But we know what they say about how op­po­sites at­tract… How­ever, Abby’s at­ten­tions are di­verted some­what when she gets in­volved in an ex­cit­ing new startup com­pany and its ex­tremely good-look­ing founder!”

The Ab­bott Fam­ily Ex­plodes!

The Ab­bott fam­ily will be in an up­roar as Jack and Ash­ley ad­just to the shock of Dina be­ing back in their lives after such a long ab­sence! “This un­fin­ished busi­ness af­fects all the (sec­tion con­tin­ues)

Ab­botts, in­clud­ing Traci,” pre­views Young. “And it will cause them to con­front the skele­tons in their closet in a clas­sic and emo­tional fam­ily stor y!” Across town, Cane also must deal with his more re­cently buried skele­tons. “He is ex­tremely re­gret­ful for his night with Juliet in Tokyo, but he is tr ying to keep his mind on busi­ness and stay­ing one step ahead of Billy at Brash & Sassy. How­ever, his r uth­less­ness will cause him to make a rash de­ci­sion at work that will have a dam­ag­ing domino ef­fect on his per­sonal life!”

Will Hi­lary Get Devon Back?

“Hi­lary and Devon will al­ways be emo­tion­ally con­nected to each other, but the two are at­tempt­ing to move on and pur­sue other re­la­tion­ships,” shares Young. Still, it’s not easy for the other peo­ple in their lives to see the exes’ chem­istry! “Mariah en­joys dat­ing Devon… but she no­tices the deep con­nec­tion he still shares with Hi­lar y and be­gins to doubt the strength of their re­la­tion­ship.” Hi­lary may be hav­ing bet­ter luck with Jordan! “She en­joys that he is far from a pushover and is able to call her bluff and chal­lenge her need to con­trol oth­ers!” Does that mean that Hevon is re­ally over? Or is the su­per­cou­ple merely tak­ing a break? (sec­tion con­tin­ues)

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