Cross Word

Un­scram­ble the cir­cled let­ters to re­veal Brooke’s sexy nick­name for Bill.

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1. Ridge has been known to be one, es­pe­cially in his youth. 3. City where Ridge and Quinn first kissed (for short) 6. He is a cousin of Ridge and Nick. 7. Bill’s is named The Stella Maris. 8. Lizzy’s daddy (init.) 9. Where Quinn sur­prised Eric in Europe 11. City where For­rester In­ter­na­tional is based 12. Ridge’s bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther (init.) 13. He used Caroline as his can­vas. 14. Brid­get wanted her to be her sur­ro­gate. 15. This teenager begged his mother and fa­ther to re­unite. 18. Sally’s son (init.) 21. Ridge’s af­fec­tion­ate nick­name for Tay­lor 23. Many peo­ple think Quinn is one. 24. Ridge’s blonde sis­ter


2. Where Ivy hails from 3. Hope does not have this sur­name. 4. Name of the al fresco gym at For­rester 5. This soap just up­dated theirs. 10. Brooke rode on this an­i­mal in the Mid­dle East with Bill. 16. Name of Brooke and Nick’s child 17. She plays Brooke. (init.) 19. The Spencers and For­resters each have a pri­vate one. 20. Pam’s late mother’s name 21. Ti­tle pre­ced­ing James War­wick’s name 22. State For­resters visit when they go to Genoa City (postal code)

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