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Cel­e­brate our 20th An­niver­sary with two decades of cou­ples!

Y&R 1997

While THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Neil dreamt of start­ing a fam­ily, Dru popped birth­con­trol pills like they were gum­mies. So, yeah, maybe not the most hon­est re­la­tion­ship ever.

ATWT 1998

Here, you can clearly see ex­actly how hard AS THE WORLD TURNS’ mis­chievous Carly was fight­ing her feel­ings for Jack.

B&B 1999

B&B’S Thorne and Brooke thought long and hard about whether they should get in­volved… usu­ally while they were wear­ing very lit­tle cloth­ing.

Y&R 2000

Y&R’S Brad (Don Di­a­mont, now THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Bill) and Ash­ley got a whole lot closer after she’d re­moved a cer­tain mus­ta­chioed ob­sta­cle.

Y&R 2001

Don’t let the photo fool you. Y&R’S Mac had won her fight for Billy (then David Tom) once ri­val Brit­tany’s schem­ing was re­vealed.

2002 B&B

A de­sire to get close to wife Brid­get’s fam­ily wasn’t the de­sire that prompted B&B’S Dea­con to hit the sack with mother-in-law Brooke.

Y&R 2003

After con­vinc­ing Y&R’S Colleen to wait to have sex — and giv­ing her this hint of how hot the sex would be — J.T. cheated on her with Brit­tany’s cougar­iffic mom.

ATWT 2004

As will hap­pen when on the run, ATWT’S Dusty and Lucy tripped… and fell head over heels in love.

GL 2005

“Kiss­ing cousins” didn’t even be­gin to cover it when GUID­ING LIGHT’S Tammy fell for poor re­la­tion Jonathan.

Y&R 2006

Mar­riages shmar­riages. The pas­sion be­tween naughty Y&R two-timers Brad and Sharon couldn’t be de­nied.

GL 2007

GL’S Coop as­sured Ash­lee that, to him, the only size that mat­tered was that of her heart.

2008 ATWT

There was no nuk­ing the chem­istry be­tween ATWT’S Luke and Noah, no mat­ter how silly the sto­ry­line in which they were in­volved. (Ameera, any­one?)

2009 Y&R

Y&R’S Ash­ley might have been wise to hide be­hind Vic­tor more of­ten dur­ing their re­mar­riage — it could have pro­tected her from Adam’s machi­na­tions.

2010 B&B

If B&B’S Liam said it once, he said it a thou­sand times: The only woman for him was St­effy. Wait, did he say St­effy? He meant Hope this year. Most of the time.

B&B 2011

Some­how, B&B’S Brooke imag­ined that she’d shagged fel­low cast­away Thomas (then Adam Gre­gory) be­cause of boinkber­ries, not be­cause of his in­sane bod. (For the record, they didn’t ac­tu­ally do it.)

Y&R 2012

Y&R’S Nick and Avery were sure to make the Olympic fi­nals in high-speed cloth­ing-re­moval.

2013 B&B

Des­tiny be damned, B&B’S Brooke de­cided that she and Dol­lar Bill just made cents. Er, sense.

Y&R 2014

While run­ning around be­hind Neil’s back, Y&R’S Hi­lary and Devon de­cided to see if they could beat Nick and Avery’s record for high­speed cloth­ing re­moval.

Y&R 2015

Upon re­unit­ing with Y&R’S “late” Adam, Chelsea had no idea that she’d want pic­tures like this as a re­minder of bet­ter times when he bit the dust again.

2016 Y&R

Y&R’S Phyl­lis and Billy clev­erly dis­guised their lust for one an­other by oc­ca­sion­ally spend­ing time to­gether in some­thing other than their birth­day suits.

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