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The heat is on for Rena Sofer (Quinn)!

B&B’S Quinn is liv­ing on bor­rowed time these days — or, at least, she very much fears that she is liv­ing on bor­rowed time as Mrs. Eric For­rester. Though she’s re­peat­edly main­tained that the few stolen kisses she shared with Ridge ear­lier this year meant noth­ing, she knows Eric may not see it that way if he ever dis­cov­ers that “the other woman” re­spon­si­ble for tear­ing Ridge and Brooke apart is none other than his own wife!

“She just wants to keep every­thing un­der wraps,” says Rena Sofer, who ex­plains Quinn’s state of mind lead­ing into sum­mer. “This was not a full-blown affair [in her eyes]; this was a cou­ple of kisses, and yes, they caused in­cred­i­ble dam­age, but her big­gest fear right now is go­ing back to the life she had be­fore she had Eric. She doesn’t want to go back to be­ing alone, unloved, and be­ing the pariah again.”

In or­der to keep the se­cret locked up tight, Quinn is now grudg­ingly be­holden to Katie, a woman who has de­lighted in lord­ing this scan­dal over her. Quinn must toe Katie’s line to en­sure that her foe doesn’t go run­ning straight to Eric! “It’s in­ter­est­ing, be­cause the old Quinn would have just given Katie a poi­sonous stone to han­dle, and she would have mys­te­ri­ously died,” Sofer chuck­les. “She tends to get rid of peo­ple who get in her way, but ‘new Quinn’ can’t do that. So she has to play it cool and have pa­tience, which is some­thing Quinn doesn’t have very much of!”

Could Katie’s taunts leave Quinn des­per­ate enough to turn dan­ger­ous again, or might it ac­tu­ally prompt her to come clean to Eric be­fore some­one else does it for her? “In real life, of course, you should do that,” says Sofer. “Be a woman, take your medicine, and ex­plain things be­fore it gets even worse. Nor­mal peo­ple would apol­o­gize, take re­spon­si­bil­ity and move on, but… you just don’t do that in soap op­eras!”

How can Eric see the truth, Quinn thinks, if she keeps him blinded by se­quins?

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