Chron­i­cling St­effy’s history on THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL is as easy as A-B-C!

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Get to know St­effy from A (amorous­ness) to Z (zingers aplenty)!

There may not be enough let­ters in the al­pha­bet to aptly de­scribe THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S dar­ingly vi­va­cious St­effy For­rester, but we thought we’d try with this A- to- Z en­comium of what’s been known to make her tick!


Aspen: The moun­tain re­sort town where St­effy first wed Liam, it’s also what she in­tended to name their daugh­ter, whom she trag­i­cally mis­car­ried.


Boss lady: What For­rester em­ploy­ers know St­effy as ever since she was pro­moted to CEO of the com­pany.


“Cha- cha- cha”: The sexy catch­phrase St­effy em­ploys in con­ver­sa­tions with Liam.


Dol­lar Bill: Fiery fa­ther- in- law whom St­effy once car­ried a ma­jor torch for!


Edgy: Could de­scribe her fash­ion sense, in­clud­ing the black lace num­ber she wore to her sec­ond wed­ding!


Faker: Word that de­scribed St­effy when she pre­tended to have a se­ri­ous brain in­jury that pre­vented Liam from leav­ing her for Hope!


Gon­dola: Where St­effy trapped Hope to keep her away from her moun­tain­top nup­tials with Liam.

“Ho For the Fu­ture”: Mor­ti­fy­ing slo­gan St­effy re­vealed at a For­rester press con­fer­ence to hu­mil­i­ate Hope.



Ivy: Cousin who once re­quested a re­strain­ing or­der against St­effy but who’s now her bestie.


Jump: On her grand­mother’s bal­cony, St­effy al­most re­sorted to do­ing this upon learn­ing that her twin, Phoebe, had died.


Killed: What hap­pened to Aly after St­effy swung at her with a tire iron on the side of the Pa­cific Coast High­way.

LLive wire: Though it could de­scribe St­effy’s feisty na­ture, it’s also what al­most offed Ivy when her cousin pushed her into a faulty elec­tri­cal panel!

Mo­tor­cy­cle: St­effy’s pre­ferred means of get­ting around town.



New Sally: Cur­rently her No. 1 neme­sis, St­effy couldn’t re­sist shov­ing her off a pier in Syd­ney.


Opt out: What St­effy did when she re­fused to wear the For­rester show­stop­per at the 11th hour in hopes of sab­o­tag­ing Quinn’s reign at the com­pany.


Para­sail­ing: One of many dare­devil ad­ven­tures the thrill-seeker has em­barked on.


Quee­nie: Sally’s nick­name for St­effy, a nod to her aunt’s habit of re­fer­ring to Stephanie as the Queen Bee.


Rick: St­effy’s un­cle and one­time fi­ancé. (It’s com­pli­cated).


Shark at­tack: The kind of in­ci­dent the For­resters pre­sumed had killed St­effy as a child dur­ing a boat ex­cur­sion in St. Thomas.

TTat­toos: St­effy and Wy­att got them on their ring fin­gers in place of wed­ding bands, and suf­fered months later when hav­ing them re­moved!


Un­con­ven­tional: Word used by Liam to de­scribe St­effy at their Syd­ney wed­ding.


Venice board­walk: St­effy and Liam were known to hang out here dur­ing their courtship days.


Wine: Bev­er­age St­effy fre­quently sips with Liam after a long day at the of­fice.

XX-ray: St­effy needed one after crash­ing into Hope on the ski slopes and in­jur­ing her knee.

“Yowzah!”: Re­mark ut­tered ev­ery­where when St­effy dons a bikini or an item from the Brooke’s Bed­room line.


Zip-line: Mode by which St­effy en­tered her and Liam’s wed­ding cer­e­mony in Syd­ney.

“I am a C-O-O-L… R-I-D-E-R.”

“And that’s how you do the Elec­tric Slide!”

“If I’m Quee­nie, you must be… Peas­antie.”

“It’s from the new Elvira’s Mau­soleum line.”

“Now, off to sneak into that fu­neral un­no­ticed.”

“I thought there was snow-body there. Get it?”

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