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Vanessa Wil­liams ( Va­lerie, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) runs our ei­ther/or gaunt­let

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Vanessa Wil­liams ( Va­lerie) is tasked with play­ing fa­vorites!

When it comes to keep­ing se­crets, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ pro­tec­tive Va­lerie is among the best… or at least she was un­til re­cently! While her por­trayer, Vanessa Wil­liams, is also a loving mother, when it comes to her own life, she’s much more of an open book. See for your­self as she an­swers a few of Soaps In Depth’s burn­ing ques­tions!

Read a book or watch a movie?

Watch a movie. That’s a re­ally hard ques­tion be­cause read­ing a book is a movie in your mind. But be­cause I’m short for time and I’m of­ten jug­gling so much, I can get the movie done. Also, be­cause I’m a film­maker and an artist, it’s gotta be a re­ally great movie and not just fluff.

Cook or clean?

Both. Um… clean, I think. That’s funny!

In­tro­vert or ex­tro­vert?

Oh, def­i­nitely an ex­tro­vert.

At­lantic or Pa­cific?

Please don’t make me choose. I can­not choose. In my heart, I love both places.

Driver’s seat or rid­ing shot­gun?

Rid­ing shot­gun. Please. I hand over my keys in a heart­beat. I’m like, “Do you wanna drive?”

The Gram­mys or the Os­cars?

The Os­cars. My col­leagues are gonna be there, so I could prac­tice my ac­cep­tance speech. I’ve got my eye on a lit­tle gold statue.

Take out or dine in?

It re­ally de­pends, but prob­a­bly dine in be­cause I want to have a full ex­pe­ri­ence — some­thing re­laxed and won­der­ful. The meal that I went to over this past Grammy Awards week­end was in a din­ing car that was very cool. I was in there at like three in the morn­ing.

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