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Vic­to­ria is so blah! I like Billy with Phyl­lis. She’s fiery and fun… they have good chem­istry. Just be­cause Billy and Vic­to­ria have chil­dren doesn’t mean they need to be to­gether! Terri Wy­att via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Vic­to­ria Blew It!

Billy should be — and have a good life — with Phyl­lis. He can still be a great dad to his kids, as he has al­ways been. Vic­to­ria blew it big time by telling Billy yet an­other lie about her­self and her fam­ily. She kicked him to the curb again! Let Billy and Phyl­lis have a great time to­gether, and screw Jack and Vic­to­ria for their pas­sive-ag­gres­sive at­ti­tudes!

An­drea De­mers via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Team Villy!

Billy be­longs to Vic­to­ria, but she keeps be­ing so hot and cold that he doesn’t know what to think! I want him to stick it out with Vic­to­ria and stop go­ing back and forth!

Dana Fer­rell via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Go Solo!

Billy and Phyl­lis are great to­gether. No, they prob­a­bly won’t get mar­ried or have kids to­gether, but they have great chem­istry and work well. Vic­to­ria is so caught up with drama and only wants Billy when he is mov­ing on. She needs to make up her mind and ei­ther make a com­mit­ment or stay sin­gle. She needs to learn how to live her life with­out a man!

Niko Free­man via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Tak­ing A Chance

Billy be­longs with Vic­to­ria, be­cause he never stopped loving her. How­ever, Phyl­lis is prob­a­bly bet­ter for him. She ac­cepts him for who he is — faults and all. He doesn’t have to al­ways prove him­self to Phyl­lis, which he’s had to do time and again with Vic­to­ria. There­fore, it must be true love for Billy and Phyl­lis. Let’s give them a chance. They did, after all, break up the fam­ily. Maybe their affair was worth it!

Ida Cuella via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

“To the left… a lit­tle more… that’s the spot!”

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