Rena Sofer breaks down Quinn’s evo­lu­tion — and her com­pli­cated feel­ings!

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There was a time when THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Quinn would stop at noth­ing — in­clud­ing at­tempted mur­der! — to see that son Wy­att ended up with the wo­man he loved. Not only did her plans all back­fire over time, but they also left her por­trayer, Rena Sofer, search­ing for some­thing more in the role. “When Quinn was al­ways schem­ing about which wo­man her son should be with, it got bor­ing. I know it was all part of the process, but I re­ally got to this place of, ‘Is this all I’m ever go­ing to do?’”

Those ques­tions have van­ished over the past year as the soap’s pow­ers that be have gone to great lengths to trans­form Quinn from one­time so­ciopath to mostly-re­formed so­cialite, a wo­man who has tossed aside her hell-rais­ing schemes in hopes of be­ing the per­son hus­band Eric be­lieves her to be. “I’d say the ab­so­lute hap­pi­est I’ve ever been on this show is the day I read the script where I ran my hand up some mys­te­ri­ous man’s leg and it turned out to be Eric’s,” says Sofer. “I re­mem­ber that mo­ment so specif­i­cally, and who knew it was go­ing to change ev­ery­thing for Quinn?”

Her Own Worst En­emy?

On a per­sonal level, the actress ad­mits that she was a lit­tle bummed late last year to find out that Quinn was go­ing to jeop­ar­dize her good stand­ing with Eric by kiss­ing his son, Ridge. “As a fan, I went, ‘Noooo! Keep them happy!’” she ad­mits. “But, ob­vi­ously, it’s good story, and you want to play it, so I was ex­cited about it in that re­spect. “And lis­ten,” she adds, “to be able to work with John Mc­cook (Eric) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge)? I’m the luck­i­est per­son on the planet!” De­spite the long­ing stares, flir­ta­tious ban­ter and lip-locks Quinn has ex­changed with Ridge, Sofer be­lieves her al­ter ego when she main­tains that there’s no fire beyond all that sul­try smoke. “She’s not in love with Ridge,” says the actress. “She has this weird, child­ish in­fat­u­a­tion with his machismo, but she’s in love with Eric. That’s real, and that is what’s im­por­tant for view­ers to un­der­stand.”

The­ory Of Evo­lu­tion

As Quinn at­tempts to walk the straight and nar­row path and, she hopes, hang onto her hus­band, her past — namely, her darker, more twisted ten­den­cies — could come back to trip her up. Sofer ad­mits it’s a pos­si­bil­ity — es­pe­cially given that peo­ple like her neme­sis, Katie, would have no prob­lem driv­ing her back to that level of des­per­a­tion. If and when Quinn re­sorts to (con­tin­ues)

THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Rena Sofer (Quinn) weighs in on the trans­for­ma­tion that’s left her rein­vig­o­rated

her du­plic­i­tous skill set, Sofer hopes it will man­i­fest it­self more sub­tly go­ing for­ward. “I don’t want to go back to the ‘mur­derer’ or the ‘dan­ger­ous schemer,’” she says. “Hy­po­thet­i­cally speak­ing, I could see her with a more so­phis­ti­cated du­plic­ity. Some­thing more el­e­vated.”

For ex­am­ple, if St­effy were to some­day need help com­bat­ting her own ri­val, Sally, Sofer imag­ines Quinn would be a ready ally. “I can see St­effy say­ing to her, ‘I need such and such to hap­pen. Can you help me?’” she sug­gests. “And Quinn could say, ‘Oh, yeah. I can def­i­nitely help you do that.’

“I think we’d see her go to a place

where you know she’d be ca­pa­ble of any­thing, but,” she has­tens to add, “it comes from a dif­fer­ent level.”

The More Things Change...

For as much as her char­ac­ter has evolved over the past year, don’t think for an in­stant that Quinn has com­pletely changed how she op­er­ates, cau­tions Sofer. “Wy­att is still her be-all, end-all, and I think it will al­ways be that way,” the actress the­o­rizes. “He had to let go of Stef fy, and he’s fo­cused on other things right now, but if there was a wo­man that he wanted and some other guy was stand­ing in the way, I am sure that would be Quinn’s main fo­cus!”

In the mean­time, Eric may have been the first per­son to see the good shin­ing through in his wife, but Sofer has a feel­ing that even Quinn is start­ing to be­lieve that it’s re­ally true, de­spite all her foibles. “It’s be­cause of Eric that she’s got­ten this far, but I think she fi­nally has got­ten a taste of who she can be,” says the actress. “I’m hop­ing that [keep­ing this se­cret from Eric] doesn’t end up send­ing her into that full-on tail­spin, but we’ll see!”

Sofer says she hopes to see Quinn re­con­nect with Kieran and Matt. “But I’d love it if, on the next flight, she’s pre­pared for it, so when she sees them, she’s like, ‘I’ve got food for you! I brought pil­lows!’” Is the actress ever dis­com­fited by the gi­ant

“He is just such a tal­ent,” says Sofer of Scott Clifton (Liam), who picked up a third Emmy for their B&B team-up last year. “He re­ally worked hard on that amaz­ing story.”

Sofer loved the mono­logue she had ear­lier this year while Quinn and Ridge found them­selves in San Francisco alone to­gether. “Those scenes were piv­otal, not just to un­der­stand who this wo­man is but for Ridge to un­der­stand so that he could stop hat­ing her a

Luck­ily for Sofer, Mc­cook’s real-life mis­sus, Lau­rette, is will­ing to share him!

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