Gold Star: Greg Rikaart (Kevin)

THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Greg Rikaart takes al­ter ego Kevin for a last spin through high drama

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When we learned Greg Rikaart (Kevin) would be de­part­ing THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS, we an­tic­i­pated a heart­felt per­for­mance. Still, we got a heck of a lot more, with Kevin sink­ing into grief over Chloe’s tragic sui­cide, spin­ning into shock at her res­ur­rec­tion and soar­ing into a hope that they might find their hap­pily ever after. Rikaart’s ef­fort­less abil­ity to tra­verse Kevin’s highs and lows re­minds us of his tal­ent and earns him this week’s Gold Star!

Life After Death

Deal­ing with a loved one’s death is never easy, but Chloe’s “sui­cide” pre­sented a dif­fer­ent sort of chal­lenge for Kevin, who was sen­si­tive to the fact that she was re­garded as a mur­der­ess by many Genoa City denizens. While he promised Michael that he’d keep his emo­tions un­der con­trol at the fu­neral, Kevin’s grief mor­phed into fury when Nick and Chelsea ar­rived. “How

could you show your face here after what you did? You were re­lent­less!” he ac­cused. “You tracked Chloe down like some sort of an­i­mal be­cause you had to make her pay! She was so scared… she killed her­self!”

Kevin may have blamed Nick pub­licly, but pri­vately, he blamed him­self. Alone with the cof­fin, the com­puter whiz ac­cepted full re­spon­si­bil­ity for what had hap­pened to his ex. “If any­one should have seen that you still needed help, it was me. We were to­gether, but you were suf­fer­ing alone… I was hold­ing on so tight to this fan­tasy that didn’t ex­ist while the world was crum­bling around me… I’m so sorry, Chloe,” he whis­pered, only to reel back in shock — and faint dead away — when the cas­ket opened to re­veal a not-so-dead Chloe!

A Dif­fer­ent Good-bye

We all want more time with our dearly de­parted, but let’s face it, hav­ing them pop out of their cof­fin might be a tad dis­con­cert­ing! Rikaart played his al­ter ego’s freak-out bril­liantly, eyes dart­ing around the room as though ex­pect­ing to see the cam­era crew of GC BUZZ punk­ing him. It took time to calm down and lis­ten to Chloe’s ex­pla­na­tion that Vic­tor had de­vised a scheme to fake her death. It also took time for Kevin to tell every­one he needed a va­ca­tion when, in fact, he was say­ing good-bye.

“I owe you so much, Paul… Your faith in me changed my life,” he told his boss. And to his sis­ter- in- law, he ad­mit­ted, “There were so many times when I would look at Chloe and think, ‘Wow, I found my Lauren.’”

Later Kevin shared a mo­ment of peace while in the park with Michael. “I al­ways ap­pre­ci­ated ever y sin­gle thing that you’ve ever done for me. I don’t say it of­ten enough, but you are the best brother — and the best friend — I could ask for.”

It was a won­der­ful full-cir­cle kind of mo­ment for Kevin, made even more pow­er­ful by Rikaart’s spot-on per­for­mance. Swan songs don’t get better than this!

Rikaart didn’t make it easy to see Kevin leave.

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