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Sonny re­al­izes on Tues­day, June 27, that he’s go­ing to have a ver y tough road ahead of him. Joss has good rea­son to panic on Wed­nes­day, June 28, while that same day finds Spencer mak­ing it very clear that he in­tends to re­claim ev­ery­thing that is right­fully his! But how far is he will­ing to go in or­der to make it hap­pen? It looks like Nina is fall­ing back into some old habits when she re­sorts to black­mail in or­der to get her way on Thurs­day, June 29. But when the fiery red­head ac­tu­ally hes­i­tates on Fri­day, June 30, might it mean she is hav­ing sec­ond thoughts?

There’s a cat­fight brew­ing when An­jel­ica and Adrienne cross paths on Mon­day, June 26! Chad and Abi­gail find them­selves deal­ing with lin­ger­ing feel­ings as they re­act to news that their di­vorce has been fi­nal­ized on Tues­day, June 27. That same day, for­mer lovers Eric and Ni­cole have to work to­gether as the so­cial event of the sea­son turns into an op­por­tu­nity to pro­mote the Hor­ton Cen­ter. After Hope in­gests some­thing that she didn’t in­tend to, her body has a life- threat­en­ing re­ac­tion on Thurs­day, June 29. And on Fri­day, June 30, Chad and Abi­gail get to­gether to try and piece to­gether a par­tic­u­larly con­fus­ing se­ries of events.

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