When it comes to her co-star, Sofer is smit­ten!

CBS Soaps In Depth - - Feature Interview -

When Sofer gushes about B&B spouse Mc­Cook, she’s not just pay­ing lip ser­vice to her col­league. She feels beyond lucky to be his on-screen mis­sus! “Ev­ery day I get to go to work and have that man give me a hug and know that he is my hus­band,” she says. “It’s in­cred­i­ble. I ac­tu­ally get very ter­ri­to­rial over him!” Case in point: Sofer says that if she hears any of her co-stars even jok­ingly sug­gest that their char­ac­ter would be a better match for Eric, she is quick to set them straight. “I’ll be like, ‘ Hey, hey, hey! He’s mine! We will fig­ure our way back to­gether if we have to, but he’s mine!’”

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