a. Mar­cus b. Wal­ton c. Zende Think you know it all? Prove it!

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1. What is the name of Carter’s brother? 2. Whom did Bill once sus­pect was gay?

a. Katie b. Wy­att c. Ridge

3. What is the name of the cou­ple who pestered Sally and Quinn on in­ter­na­tional flights?

a. Su­san and Roger b. Kelly and Michael c. Kieran and Matt

4. Which of these char­ac­ters never dab­bled in fash­ion de­sign?

a. Brid­get b. Lt. Baker c. Am­ber

5. On what oc­ca­sion did Brooke have sex with Oliver?

a. Hope’s 17th birth­day b. Hope’s grad­u­a­tion c. Hope and Oliver’s wed­ding day

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