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THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Kather­ine Kelly Lang weighs in on Brooke’s lat­est mar­i­tal cri­sis!

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Kather­ine Kelly Lang con­tem­plates the pos­si­bil­ity of a Brooke/ridge re­union!

When mulling over the mean­ing of “for bet­ter or for worse,” THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Brooke never imag­ined that the “for worse” would in­volve her hus­band, Bill, com­mit­ting ar­son! And so, de­spite never an­tic­i­pat­ing yet an­other bro­ken mar­riage in her long, long his­tory of ill-fated love af­fairs, the blonde re­cently saw no other op­tion than to walk away from her malev­o­lent mis­ter. “You’ve got to draw a line some­where,” ex­plains Kather­ine Kelly Lang of her char­ac­ter’s out­rage. “Bill promised that he would never let her down or do any­thing to hurt her, and yet now he’s done this. He didn’t think twice about any­thing ex­cept get­ting what he wanted. She feels like he’s let her down, but this is more about en­dan­ger­ing peo­ple and break­ing the law. It’s a crim­i­nal act, and she just thinks, ‘How far can he go?’”

Blind To The “Real” Bill

One could ar­gue that Brooke knew Bill was no Boy Scout when she agreed to build a life with him. “She’s seen what he’s done in the past, es­pe­cially when he had Ridge thrown out of a he­li­copter,” Lang con­cedes, “so she’s kind of re­al­iz­ing, ‘My good­ness, have I been covering my eyes this whole time?’ She’s ques­tion­ing her de­ci­sion about why she even mar­ried him in the first place.”

The fact that their mar-

riage didn’t even last six months prob­a­bly doesn’t sur­prise any long­time fans who are fa­mil­iar with the blonde’s al­ways-tu­mul­tuous love life. Lang, on the other hand, says she wishes the cou­ple could have had a bit more hap­pi­ness be­fore hit­ting the skids in such dra­matic fash­ion. “I love work­ing with Don [Di­a­mont], and per­son­ally, I would have liked to see them to­gether for a longer pe­riod be­fore it all blew up in their faces. It would have been a big­ger pay­off.”

Ridge Re­dux?

With Brooke and Bill on the outs, fans can’t help but won­der if Ridge now has a shot at win­ning her back. Lang says she has no prob­lem with the idea of Ridge and Brooke re­unit­ing but only if her al­ter ego first takes a long hia­tus from ro­mance. “If things truly are over for Brooke and Bill, then she needs to be alone for a while and fig­ure out who she is as a per­son,” says the ac­tress. “She needs to look out for her­self in­stead of

bounc­ing be­tween men all the time.”

Given that Lang her­self can’t even keep track of Brooke’s mar­i­tal stats at this point, she thinks a mar­riage mora­to­rium is in or­der. “Of course she wants to have a part­ner in life, but she doesn’t need to get mar­ried and di­vorced and mar­ried and di­vorced so many times I can’t even count any­more! If it’s Ridge again, fine, but let’s have them date. She can’t get mar­ried again any­time soon. That would just be crazy.”

Ready For A Girl­fight!

While Brooke cools her jets, ro­man­ti­cally speak­ing, Lang wouldn’t mind see­ing her fur­ther en­tan­gled in the in­trigue that Sheila’s re­cent re­turn has set in mo­tion. “At one point, Sheila and Brooke were friends,” Lang notes, “but I think Brooke’s at­ti­tude now would be ‘Don’t mess with me.’ If Sheila was a nor­mal per­son who wanted to re­build her life, she wouldn’t come back to the For­resters, you know what I mean? So she’s ob­vi­ously up to no good.”

With all the tus­sles that Quinn and Sheila have got­ten into in re­cent weeks, Lang says she can’t help but wish she could be a part of the fra­cas, too! “I’m kind of jeal­ous when I see them go­ing at it,” she grins. “I def­i­nitely miss the cat­fights!”

Lang has en­joyed be­ing a Spencer, even if Brooke’s mar­riage does prove short-lived. “Work­ing with some dif­fer­ent peo­ple on some dif­fer­ent sets was fun,” she says.

Lang loves when her “sis­ter,” Heather Tom (Katie), di­rects her in episodes of the show. “What throws me is when she calls me Brooke over the loud­speaker. We’re friends in real life, so I’m not used to that!”

“It wasn’t very flat­ter­ing,” Lang says of the “Dol­lar Bill” dress Brooke donned ear­lier this year, “but I guess there’s only so much you can do with pa­per!”

Lang was sur­prised to hear about Brooke’s ill-fated high-school sweet­heart ear­lier this year. “She was sup­pos­edly very shy and quiet, a straight-a stu­dent, so to then hear about this rock-star boyfriend, I was like, ‘Wait… what?!?’”

Lang’s lead­ing men are as funny as they are hand­some.

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