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Wyatt and Liam con­tin­ued to bicker at the of­fice about the lat­ter’s un­ex­pected rise to power at Spencer Pub­li­ca­tions. Liam ul­ti­mately told his brother to deal with it or leave the com­pany. Later, Wyatt and Justin dis­cov­ered a piece of in­for­ma­tion re­gard­ing Liam’s busi­ness deal­ings with Spec­tra Fash­ions. While gos­sip­ing with Katie over the lat­est drama in their re­spec­tive fam­i­lies, Wyatt be­gan to con­nect the dots about his dad’s in­volve­ment with the Spec­tra fire. After Katie con­firmed his the­ory, Wyatt went straight to Bill to con­front him. Bill con­fessed that he was be­ing black­mailed by Liam. Out­raged by his brother’s lack of loy­alty, Wyatt turned his anger on Liam, who revealed fur­ther damn­ing in­for­ma­tion about their dad’s re­cent mis­deeds. Though Wyatt warned his brother against mess­ing with Bill, Liam, in turn, made him a tempt­ing of­fer that would no doubt wind up fur­ther up­set­ting their dad.


Brooke walked out on her mar­riage after dis­cov­er­ing Bill’s role in the Spec­tra fire. She turned to Ridge for so­lace with­out ex­plain­ing the ac­tual rea­son be­hind the sep­a­ra­tion. Ridge couldn’t re­sist taunt­ing his ro­man­tic rival about the fact that he’d blown it with the blonde. Bill warned Ridge to stay out of his mar­i­tal prob­lems… or else! R.J. en­cour­aged his mother to see what he, him­self, al­ready knew: that there was re­ally no other man for her but Ridge. Though Bill made a heart­felt plea for Brooke to for­give his mis­deeds, she was un­able to see a fu­ture for them. After she of­fered her fam­ily a tact­ful (but not in­crim­i­nat­ing) ex­pla­na­tion of her split from Bill, they helped move her be­long­ings back into the Lo­gan man­sion. Brooke begged Ridge to re­spect her pri­vacy when he fur­ther grilled her about the end of her mar­riage. In­stead, Ridge smugly im­plied that he planned to spend much more time with her in the days and months

to come. Ridge’s week got even bet­ter when Eric voiced how much he re­gret­ted the harsh words he’d spo­ken to him dur­ing their ar­gu­ment over Quinn!


Thanks to Liam’s gen­eros­ity, the Spec­tra group was thrilled to see ren­o­va­tions be­ing made on their dam­aged of­fices, though only Sally was aware of the iden­tity of their bene­fac­tor. St­effy had some choice words for her hus­band about his ami­able as­so­ci­a­tion with Sally, but he told her his pro­fes­sional deal­ings with the red­head were frankly none of her con­cern! Stymied by this re­sponse, St­effy paid Sally a visit to put her on no­tice re­gard­ing her fre­quent get-to­geth­ers with Liam. Sally later gave Liam a tour of the new-and-im­proved Spec­tra Fash­ions, and he sur­prised her with some­thing that would greatly as­sist her en­deav­ors to re­build the com­pany.


St­effy’s many at­tempts to get her hus­band to lis­ten to rea­son re­gard­ing his im­passe with Bill were met with Liam’s un­yield­ing in­sis­tence that he had no de­sire to com­pro­mise. St­effy con­soled Bill over the end of his mar­riage and promised him that she even­tu­ally would per­suade Liam to have a change of heart about shut­ting his dad out of the com­pany he’d forged. She ar­ranged for Bill and Liam to meet, but when the peace talks fell apart, she re­minded her hus­band about the dam­age his anger was do­ing to the fam­ily. Later, St­effy and Bill shared a deep un­der­stand­ing of each other as she con­tin­ued to of­fer him com­pas­sion and as­sis­tance in solv­ing his trou­bles.

“Sorry, bro, but that’s how mu­si­cal chairs works. You’re out!”

St­eff y’s at­tempt to keep Bill from hear­ing peo­ple bad­mouthing him failed when she missed his ears. By a mile.

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