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Let the pow­ers that be know how you feel about the sto­ries they’re telling Hot Topic: Maya’s In­se­cu­rity!

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Though we re­al­ize Maya’s strat­a­gem to send Ni­cole and Zende to Paris on THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL was a plot de­vice to deal with the de­par­ture of Rome Flynn (Zende), it’s still the sort of du­plic­ity that pales only in com­pari- son to the “death sen­tence” Dol­lar Bill be­stowed upon his niece! Maya’s now made her sis­ter irate by pulling the strings with her hus­band to rem­edy Ni­cole and Lizzy’s close­ness. On the other hand, it is Paris to which Ni­cole has been ban­ished — not a North Korean gu­lag! Though some could ar­gue that Maya has gone too far, we can’t deny that a bit of dis­tance be­tween Ni­cole and her birth daugh­ter might help her ac­cept the dif­fi­cult re­al­i­ties of this adop­tion — but it ought to be a de­ci­sion she makes, not some­thing aris­ing out of Maya’s machi­na­tions!

What An In­grate!

Maya has a lot of nerve. After ev­ery­thing Ni­cole did for her, this is how she be­haves? It’s down­right shame­ful. I hope Ni­cole comes back and re­claims that child! Betty Mai­son via E-mail

Space In­vader

I can’t blame Maya for feel­ing like she does. It’s so ob­vi­ous that Ni­cole is bond­ing too much with Lizzy. I think hav­ing her go away for a while would be good for all con­cerned. Marti Crane via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Give Her A Break!

If Maya was any kind of mother and sis­ter, she would ac­cept and love that Ni­cole and Lizzy have a bond. Ni­cole gave birth to her! Nikki Par­tain-araiza via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

A Sim­pler So­lu­tion?

I can’t be­lieve how petty Maya is be­ing. Why can’t she just talk to Ni­cole and tell her of her con­cerns? No, she would rather go be­hind her back. What is wrong with Maya? Jeanne Wise via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Moun­tains Out Of Mole Hills

Of course Ni­cole and Lizzy have a bond, but the baby knows Maya as her mama. Maya re­ally shouldn’t borrow trou­ble. Shawna Hud­son via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Too Close For Com­fort

Ni­cole needs to be away from the ev­ery­day at­tach­ment to Lizzy. Dis­tance may be good. Jo Fra­zier via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

“Ei­ther way, it’s still my grand­child, so I’m good.”

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