This week on THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS, Abby be­gins to won­der if her sorta beau, Zack, might just be too good to be true! But while the young di­vorceé frets over the thought of los­ing her heart to the hunk, given Zack’s il­le­gal ac­tiv­i­ties, should Abby actu

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The In Depth Story: Abby is still not quite over Zack stand­ing her up a few weeks ago. Nor is she cool with his un­prece­dented flash of tem­per to­ward her. And while view­ers are well aware of Zack’s dark side — he’s a ma­jor player in the sex-traf­fick­ing ring — Melissa Ord­way ex­plains that her al­ter ego’s cau­tion with him is more self-cen­tered. “She likes him, and there is def­i­nitely an at­trac­tion that she wants to ex­plore, but she keeps get­ting dis­ap­pointed by him,” the ac­tress says, not­ing that con­sid­er­ing Abby’s his­tory with Stitch or the other men she’s dated, “Her guard is up; she doesn’t want to get hurt.”

Iron­i­cally, just when Abby thinks she might be done with the dat­ing whiplash Zack gives her, Devon con­vinces her that per­haps she should cut the guy some slack! “She’s vent­ing to Devon,” previews Ord­way. “‘He stood me up! He needs to re­al­ize what a catch I am! I’m not go­ing to put up with that!’ It was the fi­nal straw for her!”

But Devon’s sup­port of Zack’s ex­pla­na­tion has Abby chang­ing her tune.

“Devon is like, ‘He apol­o­gized. He told you that he was work­ing. Some­times peo­ple get caught up in work. You, of all peo­ple, should know that,’” shares the ac­tress. “Devon is be­ing a cheer­leader for the re­la­tion­ship, and that def­i­nitely in­flu­ences her!”

Not sur­pris­ingly, Abby’s self-ab­sorp­tion over be­ing dissed has her miss­ing the big­ger pic­ture that there is some­thing a tad off about Zack! “She doesn’t see his sly­ness,” con­cedes Ord­way. “She could look back on it some­day and go, ‘Oh, there were def­i­nitely things that I ig­nored!’ But right now, she wants to see this great, suc­cess­ful guy who is re­ally into her, and they have this dat­ing- app [ part­ner­ship]. She wants to see all the pos­i­tives, so she’s ig­nor­ing all the neg­a­tives!”

Ah, but not ev­ery­one is ig­nor­ing the red flags raised by Zack. And the per­son whose Spidey sense is tin­gling is the one she’d never lis­ten to: Scott! “He has some ques­tions about Zack,” agrees Ord­way. “But Abby dis­likes Scott’s opin­ion so much that even if she agreed with any­thing he said, she would do just the op­po­site be­cause she does not want him to be right!”

So, Devon’s en­cour­age­ment and Scott’s sus­pi­cion may push Abby back into Zack’s arms… which could be a very dan­ger­ous place to be! “There’s a lot at stake for Abby,” notes Ord­way.

“What kind of per­son is in­volved in sex traf­fick­ing?”

“She has worked so hard to get where she is [at New­man], so to find out that this guy who is in­volved with her in busi­ness is part of the sex-traf­fick­ing ring… how hor­ri­ble is that? She per­suaded her dad to give all this money to their dat­ing app. This makes her look so bad in busi­ness.

“And on top of that, what kind of per­son is in­volved in sex traf­fick­ing?” she de­clares. “Any­one in­volved in some­thing like that would be a scary per­son to be in a re­la­tion­ship with. There’s go­ing to be a lot go­ing wrong for Abby com­ing up!”

Scott’s sus­pi­cion of Zack (right) might push Abby right back into the leather-clad arms of the hunky sex traf­ficker!

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