THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Ridge is wait­ing in the wings in giddy an­tic­i­pa­tion of win­ning Brooke back, but her cur­rently es­tranged hubby, Bill, isn’t hav­ing it! Con­vinced that he can still earn Brooke’s for­give­ness and salvage their mar­riage, Dol­lar Bill

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The In Depth Story: Ar­son­ist or not, Bill is fit to be tied over the fact that Brooke walked out on him — but he will be damned if Ridge is go­ing to move in on his girl be­fore he has a chance to set things right! So Bill is­sues a stern warn­ing to Ridge this week: Stay away from Brooke… or else!

“The way that Ridge has treated Brooke over the years pretty much dis­gusts Bill,” ex­plains the das­tardly pub­lisher’s por­trayer, Don Di­a­mont. “Ridge has com­pletely taken ad­van­tage of what Bill be­lieves are her ‘daddy is­sues’ and ‘aban­don­ment is­sues.’ Ev­ery time she goes run­ning back to Ridge, she keeps re­play­ing the same sce­nario over and over again.

“That re­la­tion­ship is like [ the movie] Ground­hog Day,” Di­a­mont con­tin­ues with a chuckle, “the way she is con­stantly will­ing to re­peat the same mis­takes with him over and over.”

One thing that is clear about Bill is that he’s not the sort of guy who throws in the towel, though Di­a­mont says his al­ter ego was thrown by Brooke’s abil­ity to quite eas­ily do just that! “She al­ways knew who he was,” points out the ac­tor. “She knows he is a bad boy, and she knows that he walks the edge when it comes to his busi­ness.

“But in terms of his de­vo­tion and loy­alty to her, he adds, “that has been with­out ques­tion. So the fact that she re­acted to the ex­tent that she did and to end their re­la­tion­ship? That is un­fath­omable — and very painful — to him.”

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